Make it Worth the Pain


Okay, first of all, I really need to kick the habit of waiting ages to actually finish a book like this just because I’m sad that the series is ending or that I’ll have to wait for the next one. Gahhh
I’m so sad that this duology is finished already, I absolutely loved this world and the characters and the monsters and everything else.
I would have LOVED to see more of what happened in the other cities- I want to know what became of everything in Prosperity and I’m kinda keeping my fingers crossed now that there will be a spinoff or something. 
August is one of those characters that you just feel for page after page after page. I love that kid so much and my heart breaks for him in so many ways. I don’t think I’ve ever sympathized for a character so much. Especially when I sit and actually reflect on everything that’s happened. Ughh 
Finishing this only further solidified my previous statement: I will read everything this woman writes. She’s a phenomenal writer with a solid knack for world building. 
This duology will always come highly recommended by me- so if you’re looking for a good read, check these books out!
This book left me a mess last night when I finished though, I couldn’t bring myself to leave a review right away. I cried way too much.
Thank you, Schwab for ripping my heart out yet again. Ughhh



Currently Reading: 

-My Lady Jane (page 67)

-Endgame (page 203)



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