We Each Have a Song

5/5. Hands down.

Yup, it’s official. I will read anything and everything this woman writes.
I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to read any of Schwab’s books, but after reading A Darker Shade of Magic and having this stare at me from my shelf I finally picked it up. So. Damn. Good.

Yet again, Schwab created this amazingly in-depth world without it being a major info dump like so many books seem to be. She gives you bits and pieces of characters and the world and the lore and it’s so freaking cool. You don’t feel overwhelmed, you get excited whenever you learn something, and it gets you hooked to want to just KEEP READING.

The couple times I actually had an hour or so to spare and sat down I flew through a couple hundred pages and I was constantly thinking about this book when I wasn’t reading.

The world is so freaking cool. I love all the different dystopian type worlds out there, but the monsters that rule this one- both human and other- are so well thought out and so intricate. Aghhhh. 
The twists were perfect in this book. Subtle enough to not be catastrophic but big enough to move the plot forward. I’m so excited to see what’s in store!
I literally told my boyfriend before I was even halfway done that as soon as I finished this I needed to go get the next one. I’m dying. I need more!!



Currently Reading:

-Endgame- page 204

-Flashfall- page 100

-Strange the Dreamer


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