Today Is Not The Day I Die [non spoiler]

LOSE ME [M.C. Frank]
New Adult / Contemporary Romance
Released: April 11, 2017
387 Pages

I wouldn’t change anything. Not even the pain.

I read this book in one sitting [almost…]. I actually started it a week ago….I read the first couple pages [via kindle unlimited], and decided I wasn’t going to like it, so I put it aside and started something else. WELL, the last few days I have been on a contemporary binge, so I decided to give it another shot. Sometimes you just have to be in the mood for a certain genre. It was really good! Confusing at times, but I gave it 4 stars.

It was just released a month ago, so as of yet, there isn’t any sequel planned. I am not sure there is really an reason to have a sequel, to be honest. MAYBE a spin off for another character.

“Jane Austen meets K-drama in this compulsively readable New Adult novel of movie stars, golden beaches and intense romance.” – Basically all I need to hear is “Jane Austen retelling” and I am there………Pride & Prejudice is life.

I loved the plot! It was so fun, and unique. It caught me by surprise though. I didn’t fully understand the synopsis of this book……It may have started out on the lighthearted side, but this book was pretty filled with drama and tragedy – I teared up more than once. That being said, I have no idea what it is about contemporary, but I sometimes just can’t stand the writing. I thought the writing was messy at times….It MAY have been that I read the kindle version, but it seemed like one scene would take place and then the next sentence is a totally new scene with no breaks. I got lost more than a couple times, which gets pretty frustrating after a while. Overall I enjoyed it though.

I know he wasn’t a major character, but I really loved Ari’s dad. I liked most of the characters, but I just loved him. I could have read a lot more scenes with him in it. Her grandfather was pretty fantastic too! I did like Ariadne [Ari], she was smart, and crazy talented. I did like the scenes involving her stunts [shes a stunt double], those were pretty unique and original. Wes……I didn’t like him at first……He was an arrogant jerk…..BUT, you know how it goes with the jerks, they always “show their true colors” and come out as seriously misunderstood. I liked him a lot, but my one problem would be the….wait for it…………THE INSTA LOVE……the one thing contemporary is good for. At times, that got to be too much.

Ari has a good head on her shoulders….she goes through some major stuff in this book, and since its pretty much nothing I could even imagine happening, it is hard to say how I would react…so I couldn’t really tell you if she responded “appropriately” to situations, but I think she did….I didn’t in anyway think that she was stupid at all, I don’t think I rolled my eyes once [at her anyway….Wes though, haha].

I thought the stunt double female role was unique to this story. And the fact that the mother was not only absent, but had not been present in her life at all. [Think…Leonard’s mom on TBBT – personality wise]. A nice thing was that even though it was Hollywood stars, you skip all the paparazzi BS that seems to take up so much room in other books involving hollywood stars. I mean, there was one or two things, but it wasn’t as ridiculous as some of the scenes in other books that I’ve come across.

I think what could have been left out of this story was the magazine interview snippets and news articles that took place between the articles. Sure, some of them added a little to the story, but I didn’t think they were totally necessary. And I know the best friend is usually pretty important to the MC’s life, but honestly? The best friend is absent. She doesn’t live in Corfu anymore, she has moved on to College in a different part of Greece….and except for a few video chats, she isn’t really in the story, and I didn’t think she was really written well enough to be important to the plot in any way. I would have liked to have seen the female antagonist written differently too. Yes, she was trouble, but it was like…one major incident, a couple mean-ish words and then she kind of just disappears from the story.

And what needed to be IN this story? A better played out plot. So, the whole first half of the book, the whole point of the characters meeting is because she is a stunt double for a movie Wes stars in, and something happens near the end of filming, and the author just…dropped that story plot [to keep with Ari’s drastically changed story, so that itself is not bad], but you just NEVER hear about how the movie turned out. How the end of filming went….what happened to some of the other characters we had met…..It was odd. I felt that there were quite a few unanswered questions by the time I finished.

Regardless of the small issues I had, I really liked the book overall, and once I better understood what was happening [because the beginning was a bit slow and confusing..] I felt like I really didn’t want to put this book down. Although I did not read it in one sitting, except for the first few pages I read last week, I read it in less than 24 hours….I don’t find many books that I need to finish ASAP often anymore.

I rated this 4 stars on Goodreads, but I think it is probably more of a 3.75/5. I enjoyed this book a lot, and I think I will buy the paperbook version one of these days and reread it sometime down the road. I think anyone who is a pride and prejudice lover, and who enjoys contemporary would like this one. It does deal with an alcohol problem with one of the characters though….OH, that, that was necessary to see for that character…but I think it could have been written better. It is a serious issue and I didn’t think the response to it was realistic or really dealt with.



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