5 Series I DNF’d

We have all had those series you’ve started and the first book is so completely amazing, and then you recommend it to everyone, even the guy who passes you walking down the street [just kidding, don’t talk to strangers….] It is just so unique, so filled with potential, and YOU NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW…..but then you get the next book, or you even get the next book, and you love it even more, but then the NEXT book [you get the point] is just…..so boring. SO DIFFERENT, so not even worth finishing……yeah, this is about those books…..

They aren’t in any particular order……no offense to anyone who actually loved these series in their entirety.

Oh man, I loved the first book. I loved it so much. I read it FOUR TIMES before book 2 was even released. Kricket was one of my favorite female characters. And I was so in love with…whatever the male characters name was…..haha. I just couldn’t get enough! I told everyone about it, I wanted everyone to read it……I loved the story, I loved the writing, I loved the characters….there was JUST NO WAY it would turn to shit. No way at all…..

And then the sequel was released…..IT WAS EVEN BETTER! I read it in one sitting, I could just not get enough. My real life bestie and I fangirled, and my sister in law and I fangirled…..and then the dreaded wait for book three started………..and then the cover was finally revealed, and I hated it. It seriously looked like she was dead and floating in water…..and then the synopsis, which didn’t seem that great, but those can be deceiving…..and then the early reviews started appearing, and I was hearing incredibly unfavorable things………and I was hesitant to read it when it was finally released……so my SIL took the plunge and I told her to tell me everything, EVERYTHING…………and that is when I realized that I could never, and would never read it. My dreams of the perfect ending, the ending we all wanted was officially crushed, and yeah….I don’t even talk about this series anymore. I got rid of the first two books, which I owned in paperback….I had ONLY just received them in the mail when all this went down…..I think I owned them for like 2 months before I got rid of them.

She has another series out…..I had wanted to read it, but I figured she would mess that up too…..

I actually had no desire to start this series. It didn’t seem even a little bit interesting to me. BUT, my BBF [best book friend] Lauren wanted to read it, so I bought 2 copies and sent one to her. We decided to buddy read it…..and we really loved the first book. There was a lot of potential. It was ZOMBIES, but in a totally unique way, and I loved Cole…..I don’t even think I stuck with the buddy read schedule….I just read it because I wanted to read it.

I believe when we finally got around to reading them, the whole trilogy was out, so we both bought the remaining 2 books [there are some spin off books, but we just stuck with the original trilogy], we FORCED, totally forced our girlfriend in England to read book one, and then she buddy read book 2 with us…..Man, I could not get into it…..I fell behind in the BR and had to catch up a few times. AND THEN, somewhere in the middle something completely stupid and unnecessary happened….and I kind of just hated it from that point…..

We decided to BR book three anyway, because MAYBE things would get better….maybe it was just the dreaded second book syndrome thing happening…..NOPE. I didn’t finish it. I forced my way through it, but for whatever reason, less than 70 pages from the ending, I was just done. SO OVER IT. I literally cringe every time I see someone sharing it on IG being all excited that they bought it and can’t wait to jump into the series.

I still remember reading book one…I had just gotten out of the shower, and I was waiting to cool off a bit before I got dressed, and I was also just being lazy, and robes are very comfortable…..I picked it up because I had just gotten it a couple days before [from the library] and I decided to read a chapter or two before getting some cleaning done…..NOPE, I finished it all in one sitting. I couldn’t get enough, I thought it was so unique, and such an interesting story. I don’t know if it was intended to be a series, or what, but when I heard about book 2, I was crazy excited….I didn’t hear anything about it when I finally picked it up [way later]…..only to find it was a spin off, and it turned out to not be a very exciting one either…..

There MIGHT be a third book…I don’t even know, but, it is definitely a third book I won’t read.

4] A SONG OF ICE & FIRE [Georege R. R. Martin]
It isn’t so much that I hated these books……I enjoyed them as I read them, but when I wasn’t reading them, I just had no thoughts on it. I read up to book 4, and read half of it…..The long chapters, allllll the characters, and all the different POV’s, all the thrown in violence that seemed to be added simply to make the story go on and on…I just couldn’t bring myself to continue on in the series. It wasn’t interesting to me, and I even stopped watching the show.

5] RED QUEEN [Victoria Aveyard]
I was going to go with ToG, but I think my feelings on that series have been pretty well made known….RQ though…I don’t think I’ve talked about it much. It is by far the most popular series on this list.

It was incredibly popular when it was released….it was THE book to have. I didn’t get it right away, but my husband got it for me for Valentines Day that year because he knew I was wanting to read it so bad. I thought it was really good! I don’t remember speeding through it, but I think that had more to do with being busy than anything [If I remember correctly, I was working at the time]. I reread it the following year because one of my girlfriends had picked it as a reading challenge pick…I did not like it as much the 2nd time around….and when book 2 was released, I was ready to read it…but not totally excited about it…and for good reason, I soon found out. I thought it was one of the worst sequels I’ve ever read. I thought it was so boring, and I couldn’t really stand the MC in the first book, but i downright hated her in the sequel, sooooo stupid. My love for one of the other characters couldn’t even keep me invested.

The third book is out now, and I have zero interest in picking it up. I was kind of horrified when I realized it was going to be an actual series, not a trilogy….nope. I am done! Good for those who actually like all the books, but to me it is just another overhyped series that I think is not even close to being as awesome as people seem to think it is.

This was fun. I like these list things…………Anyone have any more ideas on ones I should write in the future???

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Also! having been cruising through the Reading Challenge, I am going to revive it with my progress so far, later on today [or tomorrow….]




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