I have been working on this the past couple days! I am super excited to have it done early, and even more excited to announce some changes [if you missed the announcement on IG a couple days ago]. I have decided to pick hashtag names that better fit my challenges, so GOODBYE ASHREADSCHALLENGE.

Say hello to #LYRICALLYBOOKISH. I have also decided to forego the number, and replace it with the month instead, which was needed after this month started out with some confusion.

Another change you will find, is that there will be more of a theme with my song choices. Up until now, I kind of just picked random songs that I could fit with challenge prompts. I decided that wasn’t helping gain any new numbers, and this way it will hopefully be easier finding songs. THIS MONTH’S THEME: animated kids movies. I’d say DISNEY, but you will notice that a few are not Disney, but I couldn’t NOT add them.

With all these changes, I hope to gain some more challenge participants. The numbers have been great, slowly rising, and I wouldn’t be anywhere without all the amazing people who join in month after month….but I’ve been at this for a few months now, and I would really like for this to be more successful every month. If you do participate, PLEASE repost challenge posts on your feeds and not your stories. Month after month, I see more people posting my challenge in stories, AND IT IS HELPFUL, for the 24 hours its up. Post it on your feed, tag friends who like challenges….Thanks everyone!

And you know how it goes….please be considerate when you do the “character specific” ones. I know that a few prompts can be spoilery, so don’t say who/what happens in your post. Just using the book is good enough, I’d really hate to be spoiled for books because of this.

If you want me to tag you in the IG posting once its up, please comment below with your IG username. If you DM me your email [on IG], I will happily email you the titles and prompts. And if you write about this in your own blog, please be considerate and link it back to this posting. Thanks everyone! ENJOY!

AND NOW, what you’ve all been waiting for. I give you:


JUNE 1: SO THIS IS LOVE [Cinderella]
Who doesn’t love a good ‘first love’ story?

It seems like, when we meet a new character, they already know how to fight, or it isn’t essential for that book. Which book has the MC learning how to fight?

JUNE 3: BEAUTY & THE BEAST [Beauty & the Beast]
Such an annoyingly familiar trope….show off your books containing the ‘good girl meets the bad boy’ scenario.

JUNE 4: EATING THE PEACH [James & the Giant Peach]
I actually never liked that movie…..but it works so nicely for a photo prompt. Show off your current read with some fruit…because who doesn’t like fruit? And also, I am nosy as hell, and just want to know what everyone is reading.

JUNE 5: WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK [Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs]
This one might take some thinking, but I’ve noticed that some characters have little quirks when they do something…whether its tapping fingers, humming, twirling their hair, clicking pens…..so, show me a character that has a ‘quirk’.

I have actually not seen this movie yet [*gasp*, yeah, I know]. I looked it up to see if I could use any songs, and low and behold! I could. So, show me a book where the MC[‘s] travel on a mission to rescue someone.

So, I don’t actually know what color the wind is….so just show me a book with an outdoorsy cover. OR, show me books outside…..or show me outdoorsy covers outside….. 🙂

JUNE 8: TOPSY TURVY [The Hunchback of Notre Dame]
I don’t actually like the #flippedbook prompt….so you can do that, or you can be lazy [ahem…AWESOME] like me and just turn a book upside down. THOUGH! if you want to be [semi…] creative, you can find a book that shows an upright photo even while upside down.

Which MC would you love to switch places with? OR, show off some pretty bookish eyed covers [creative, I know.]

JUNE 10: THIS IS MY IDEA [The Swan Princess]
Most books always have to have that ONE person who always needs to be right, or thinks they can do no wrong [even though that usually means they will do something stupid and have something to apologize for later.]

JUNE 11: MARRY THE MOLE [Thumbelina]
Pretty much a no brainer….books with arranged marriages.

A character that sticks out. Someone who can do something that no one else can.

JUNE 13: MY OWN HOME [The Jungle Book]
It seems like any non-contemporary book has a character [usually the MC] that wants to just live a normal life. Give up what they are doing, settle down…..this is for them.

JUNE 14: IF I NEVER KNEW YOU [Pocahontas]
I think this might be a deleted scene, or I have seriously just forgotten it. I looked it up on YouTube and it did not look at all familiar….That said, I decided to add it anyway. What book would just not be the same if the MC didn’t meet that ONE important character?

Books with animal sidekicks!

JUNE 16: UNDER THE SEA [The Little Mermaid]
books with underwater scenes on the cover. Books near water….books and a glass of water…? you get the idea.

Magical books. Books with magic. Magic, the keyword is magic.

It is Fathers Day! Who is the leader of your bookish squad? or which already existing leader [of a book] knows how to do their job?

JUNE 19: KISS THE GIRL [The Little Mermaid]
on this day a million years ago [more like 8….] my husband and I shared our first kiss. So! because you totally want to honor our first kiss [creeper, much…?] Show off your books with memorable first kisses [or just a memorable kiss in general].

JUNE 20: SUN DO SHINE [Rock-a-Doodle]
Old school movie! BUT! perfect for today. The longest day of the year, show off your next read soaking in some rays.

JUNE 21: I WON’T SAY [I’M IN LOVE] [Hercules]
a book where the characters refuse to admit their feelings for one another.

JUNE 22: GOOD COMPANY [Oliver & Company]
You’ve already told me who the leader of your group is, but who are fellow members? [Either an already existing group of friends from a book/series, or favorite characters from different books].

JUNE 23: I’M WISHING [Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs]
A fictional world you want more of. A POV you want. An incomplete series that you need to be finished….An author you wish would write another book. OOH! I know, a book or series you wish was written by someone else.

JUNE 24: IN A WORLD OF MY OWN [Alice in Wonderland]
A character that sees the world differently.

JUNE 25: HAKUNA MATATA [The Lion King]
Happy #socksunday everyone! Hakuna Matata, it means no worries! BUT somehow the phrase “for the rest of your days” doesn’t work IRL, so you have today. Show off your socks and current read. OR Ryley, Jocelyn and Jamie suggested showing off a carefree character, or an easy read, which both totally fit. Thanks ladies!

Show off some of those cover buys!

I think the opening song to Frozen is probably one of my favorites. Which misunderstood character has a cool exterior to keep from letting people in?

JUNE 28: I’VE GOT A DREAM [Tangled]
A character who has life goals and dreams.

I love me some historical fiction!

JUNE 30: YOU CAN FLY [Peter Pan]
Supernatural books, characters with abilities, characters with wings. You can take that as literally as you want to.

AND, that is all, folks.

Like I said above, please be considerate when you go about your wording for posts. I know days like “11” can give away a lot, so please just show off the book, and leave those wondering what takes place.

If you have participated in my challenges, and want me to keep doing them, please comment below with possible theme ideas for later months. Thanks so much!!




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