[all] may challenges

I am participating in quite a few challenges this month, so I wanted to do a quick post on which challenges, and which days I will be doing from those challenges.

I will be doing my challenge, of course. Hop on over to my post for that.

MAY 1: my challenge was to pick 1st books in unstarted series. I couldn’t match that up with any of the other challenges, so it was by itself. Three of the other four [1, 3, & 4] challenges picked MAY TBR, so that fulfilled a photo. [2] was superhero related. I don’t have any DC or Marvel related books, so I chose my Sailor Moon manga. YAY SAILOR MOON. I love that world.

MAY 2: my challenge today is a character that is more than a disability or illness. I picked Ella, from Cinder & Ella….and I was able to pair it with [2], which was worst [or best] April read….which I thought was perfect, because the sequel to Cinder & Ella, was the worst book I read in April. *sigh*. Two of the remaining 3 challenges were ACOWAR related [ick], and one was anticipated may release, which I had none…so just the one photo for today.

MAY 3: my challenge today is a book that didn’t need a sequel…….annnd that is why a second photo of Cinder and Ella was necessary so soon. It was perfectly amazing on its own. [1] was a pile of green books. I like stacked books. I don’t know why, but it is just so aesthetically pleasing. That got its own photo today too. [2 & 3] were nicely matched. Supernatural [2]  cover buys [3]! I chose my new edition TMI series. I love those covers so much. I wanted to throw TID in there too, but I didn’t know how to add more books nicely. I didn’t do [4], I am not a fan of the book rainbows for some reason.

MAY 4: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. It’s Star Wars Day! and 3/4 of the challenges covered one photo. 3 of us chose a SPACE theme, and 1 chose fandoms. I am not really a “fandom” person, but I love SW as much as any thing, I guess. [4] chose a book recommendation…I can’t rec the star wars books from the other photo because I haven’t read them, they are my husbands. Instead, the 2nd photo for today is THE RELENTLESS TRILOGY by Karen Lynch. If you haven’t read it yet, I don’t know why.

MAY 5: Cinco De Mayo! I feel like I am the only person who chose some sort of Mexico theme…I chose the song MEXICO, and its the flag colors…I actually laid them out like the flag and I seriously fell in love with how it turned out. Had to do something to represent the half of me that is in fact, Mexican. [1] chose ‘criminals or heavies [mobsters]’, i had hoped that my Blood for Blood would have arrived in time because it’s PERFECT for the mobster prompt, buuuut nope. [2] chose a space theme, if my books had arrived I would have skipped this one but since they didn’t! I chose Gemina, which is space related AND has criminals. [3] chose “grisha powers” – I really don’t like book specific challenges, and since I don’t know the Grisha Universe well enough, I skipped this challenge as well. [4] is second hand books, which I have plenty of, my library first consisted of SH books before I got sucked into the “buy brand new” concept after receiving books in less than stellar condition more than enough times.

MAY 6: I was able to match my challenge up with [4]. I chose my AoGG series for classics, and it worked well with the “quick reads” challenge. [2&3] matched up well, Illuminae is red annnnd I was very intimidated by its layout, and size. I flew through it though, it is very fun to read. [1] was current read, so it ended up needing to be a solo pick.

MAY 7: me, [2-4] matched up nicely as 2 were “socks” and one was “favorite dedication”, mine was the only character-specific one, which was TRULY EVIL CHARACTER. The bad guy in this book is really bad….I just didn’t know it until the end. [1] was pirates! I was actually not going to do this challenge, but I downloaded a popular pirate book onto my kindle and just decided to use that.

MAY 8: I was able to split the 5 into 2 photos. [1&3] joined my “music related” challenge….I took Wintersong and took the dust cover off. [2&4] paired up nicely….I blurred the book by focusing in on the funny quote.

MAY 9: challenges [1&3] chose the prompt teacher, so I matched it with my “books with faces” challenge and picked the book “Christy” by Catherine Marshall. I believe that was one of the first “big” books I ever read….and I was in the higher part of elementary school when my mother gave it to me. I decided to not do [2&4].

MAY 10: [2] joined my challenge today. The Legend trilogy was for mine, and they definitely kept me reading. [1&3] got roped in together….as Stepbrother Dearest is DEFINITELY an unconventional relationship. I don’t DISLIKE this cover, but it isn’t the best. [4] was longest on tbr, and its too hard to say, as I’ve owned books for many, many years that I’ve yet to read. I skipped that photo.

MAY 11: [3&4] joined my challenge today….a blurred book with an unexpected ship in nature. [1] got taken way too literally, and the “scary book in a tree” photo is a scary book in a tree….I don’t have any disney books, so [2] was left out today.

MAY 12: I decided to use my Blood for Blood trilogy for all challenges but [3], which I skipped all together, because I don’t like nonfiction.

MAY 13: I basically just needed my ‘current’ read to be over/underhyped…and make sure flowers were in the photo somewhere. That covered mine [3&4], and I skipped [1&2] I don’t read poetry, and I didn’t get the “blame game” prompt.

MAY 14: MOTHERS DAY ALL AROUND. I chose character I THINK would make a good mom. The others involved someone who IS a good mom. I chose Penryn for mine….with how she put her sister first, and how she did everything she could to make sure Paige was okay, she would definitely be a great mom. I chose Jesse King/Walks The Fire for the woman who was a mom, because she was. She took care of her child and someone elses….and since I am adopted, there was just something about that aspect that made me feel like I needed to choose her.

MAY 15: I decided to do one photo for challenges today. Mine, and 2-4 matched up. Back to the Start was go to rereads. I kind of cheated on this one as the trilogy matched up too well with the other challenges to pick something else. The Dark Elements trilogy is not my “go to”, but I have read them several times. [2] was book and chocolate, so I could have chosen any books. [3] – character I can’t stand, and I definitely can’t stand Zayne #teamroth!! [4] – beautiful spines! I still don’t like these more than the original covers, but I do love the font. I decided to skip [1] today – mid month tbr.

MAY 16: it is another 2 photo day! I really love how I’ve been able to match so many up. Mine fit amazingly with 2 & 3. I highly recommend (2) the Blood for Blood trilogy. There is lots of death, which covers my challenge prompt (getting away with murder), and it fits it really well! And since it’s a first person POV, I’d really love to see this written in (insert blank for spoiler purposes) POV. 1 was a fun challenge. I have many books with many royals, but I decided to go with a book I don’t think I’ve ever showed off on IG before, and if I have, it’s been a long time and it’s since been deleted with my many makeovers. I WAS going to pick a book that I could include challenge 4, but since four is (favorite) author collab, and the book with royals written by multiple authors is still unread, I decided to just skip it.

MAY 17: I was originally going to choose another book for mine (the other side) but when I decided on more challenges and saw which days lined up for today….made up language and a non-book specific one of treats…Red Rising seemed the perfect choice! And 3&4 matched up nicely too, as I’m in love with the back of this edition of Between Shades of Gray….and I did love the ending as sad as the book made me in general.

MAY 18: I think in writing the prompt for this one, I forgot in my head that when I chose the song I meant bad ass FEMALE character….the photo I took is a MALE…so maybe I will retake this challenge photo…and choose my new favorite trilogy….which will actually expand this photo to cover 3 challenges instead of 2. Leaving me to pick multiple books from different series for the “magical creature” prompt that is [1].

MAY 19: I love my pick for today! Memorable dance….I did have to change it it a bit though, to match it up with other challenges (because it would have included books from the same series and I’d rather have them all be in the same photo). The book I chose is my favorite from the series….and I didn’t like this series or the other features in the photo as it kept going….which is why they sit unfinished in my library (although they aren’t actually finished anyway….)

DAY 20: bright books was my prompt today, there are no books more bright in my library as my ALI books. My choice for 1 & 4 didn’t match up with those though, so I chose my awesome latest purchases. Epic fight annnnnd favorite bookish friendship. There were times in the BFB trilogy that I seriously had to put the book down and take a breath because I knew shit was going to go down…and that last book……and it probably has the best friendship ever. You’ll never find a friend more true than Millie!

DAY 21: that trilogy also worked well for 3/4 challenges today….forbidden love? Check! Anti hero? Check! Favorite debut? Check! I only wish it covered challenge 4 – current read! I wouldn’t mind reading them again so soon, but my heart probably couldn’t take it. I skipped [3] (overhyped) as I think it was covered in day 19.

DAY 22: compass = adventure! I pretty much knew exactly where I was going when I picked that song….and it worked well with [1]. Which is nice, because [2-4] also worked out amazingly! So I was able to do all challenges today, and in just 2 photos.

DAY 23: mine, 2, and 4 matched up, and I skipped 1 and 3. I don’t have any book merch (and flaunting all your goods isn’t really my favorite thing anyway, it should be about books) and as much as I though Lady Midnight enjoyable, I’m not exactly screaming from the rooftops how much I need Lord of Shadows.

DAY 24: I will tell you which Cassandra Clare series I DO love though! TID – there’s nothing better! That trilogy covered mine, 1 (since i die repeatedly, ever time I read them) and 2 (even though the brother-ship I mention isn’t the traditional one). I haven’t actually taken a photo for 3 & 4 yet, as I’m not sure if I want to match them up or do a separate photo (because I haven’t actually decided what to do yet at all….pastel books and a tv show you want…..)

DAY 25: 25 hasn’t been decided yet either, actually…….

DAY 26: mine and 1 matched up well! Millie is my favorite side kick annnnd (—) is my most favorite current boyfriend 😍. 3 & 4 will have their own photos, as my childhood books (the ones I have anyway) are the opposite of the (good cover, bad book) prompt for 4.

DAY 27: mine, 1 and 4 matched up, well mine and 4 did….I’m still trying to work out how I find any of the characters ‘inspirational’…I might just skip challenge 1 along with 2 (book spiral) and 3 (fandom related).

DAY 28: silhouette and favorite villain (mine & 1). The grisha trilogy definitely covers both. I love the Darkling! Haha I really do. [2] was flipped book, I’ve never done that prompt and I was going to choose today to do it. And I’d say 3&4 were nicely matched. aWiT is definitely well loved, so loved by my mother, and then me when I got old enough to read it, that I actually can’t even open it anymore…..I’ll have to rebuy this book (and the rest of the series) when I’m older. And throw in socks and that’s [4].

DAY 29: mine and 4 could be put together. I chose a WWII historical fiction book instead of YA because in memory of our beloved soldiers who died for this country, I couldn’t in good conscience pick a fictional war. Echoes is wwii, but with a happier message of a love story. And you can’t have a sad book to read without yummy snacks to help you through. [1&2] worked well, as even I didn’t see the twists and turns that kept being thrown at me AND I HAD ALL THE FEELS. Just thinking about it makes me feel everything all over again. I’ve yet to figure out the “ship that didn’t sail” prompt for [3], as I think all my true ‘ships’ always end up together (or it’s too much of a spoiler…)

DAY 30: I definitely don’t recommend this book. I’ve heard it’s well loved, but I couldn’t even read 5 chapters and I was bored out of my mind. [1&2] – my favorites! And 3&4 are book hauls, and I haven’t bought any books so far….

DAY 31: MAY IS COMING TO AN END. Month ending = series ending, I liked my prompt for today. I was sad to see all these series end (but at the same time, I’m glad they ended when they did, any longer and I may not have loved them as much). -[1, 3&4] were all wrap ups….and [2] was skipped because it was skipped.

Annnnd that is my photo itinerary for this month…even though it’s already the 4th and I meant to post it 4 days ago. My bad! This is more for ME than anyone, haha but hope you enjoyed it 😁



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