W&G [16] & April Wrap Up

HOW on earth is May already here? I seriously can’t believe how fast the month flew by. I would have to say that this week was quite productive! not so much for reading, but I was extremely busy planning out how I was going to fulfill all the challenges for this month. If you have seen my stories over on IG, you’ll have seen I went a little crazy with my organizing. I love my lists! I wish I was as organized in RL. Don’t forget to check out my May Photo Challenge! I can email the prompts to whoever, just comment below or message me on IG.

I didn’t read much of Lady Midnight this week, I wanted to read more, but it is such a huge book, and with L during the day, and not really being able to turn a light on at night, I’ve resigned myself to being in a kindle-only reading period right now….I finished Mafiosa though!! and I read another R.S. Grey book.

Actually, other than a chapter today, I haven’t picked up LM since the first night I read it. It isn’t really what I want to read right now….After being exhausted with the Shadowhunter from my TMI rereads, I guess I am just over the world. Not sure if I will reread TID this year, I would really hate to ruin my favorite series!! I will push through on LM. I have it on my kindle now, so I think I will be able to read it more often.

I love RS. Grey! has anyone read any of her books? I read a spin off to her Scoring Wilder book….its called Settling the Score. I’ve noticed a trend with her books, you have the hilarious beginning, the hot and sexy middle and then the drama sets in, haha. SO dramatic! but by the time you get there, you’re so involved with the characters that you end up trying to figure out how it will be resolved verses being annoyed with how over the top it is. I think I will reread Scoring Wilder this month. She hasn’t let me down yet, and SW is such a fun book.

I am not really sure what I plan to read this week…..I really DO want to make major progress on LM….
and after the PG13 mobster trilogy that was Blood for Blood [see my review!], I think I might actually reread Ruthless People….it is….most definitely the MA version, haha. I remember absolutely loving that trilogy, I wonder how I would feel after reading it again.

LM for sure this week, anything else will just be icing on the cake.

Overall, it was a slow month for reading. I read 10 books total, still a good amount! I think if you finished one book and you’re a crazy busy person, you did good.

My first April read was a reread! I have been wanting to reread Loving Mr. Daniels since I read it last. I love my annual rereads, does anyone else have books they try to read at least once a year?

After that was probably the only biography/nonfiction book I plan on reading this year. I loved the history that I got to learn about during my read of Victoria and Albert, but I really just don’t care for biographies. I will stick with the show Victoria.

I haven’t read a series ender quite like Crystal Crowned…not recently anyway. Not my favorite, I am not sure I’ll read the series again.

My first RS Grey of the month [but not year, I read one a couple days earlier in March]…A Place in the Sun, SO cute! I liked it more than the book I just finished.

The Edge on the Sword….Nostalgia! gotta love it! I think my younger self enjoyed it more, but it was still a cute read.

Happily Ever After……ick. I have nothing else to say about it….

THE BLOOD FOR BLOOD TRILOGY! I don’t think I’ve gushed about it enough. Seriously! if you get the chance, definitely read it! Haha, I am embarrassed [not…] to admit that at least 12 photos for my May Challenges will feature those books….IF THEY COME IN THE MAIL SOON. I need them to come soon! Please come soon! Don’t worry! I am doing enough challenges that it won’t be EVERY single photo I post….just a good amount 😀

And Settling the Score.

How many books did you read in April? favorite? least favorite?

Maaaaaaaaaaay……what is everyone looking forward to reading? I definitely plan on finishing Lady Midnight…..once I finish it I can continue on going down my reading challenge list. This Savage Song is next!! I’ve heard good things.

I’ve seen Caraval around a lot, so I definitely want to read that one.

Ummmmmmmm I really don’t know! haha, I have a headache and this 800 words I’ve already written have taken me hours, no lie.

If my son lets me write later, I am going to type up shelf 7! has anyone else gotten the inspiration to take my verbal bookshelf tour and make on of their own? I’d seriously love to see what everyone has on their shelves.



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