May Photo Challenge

YAY! I have made it another month. Here is the MAY PHOTO CHALENGE! This one was actually kind of hard….I am not totally sure how much longer I will be able to do these. I actually had a hard time thinking of song titles….BUT HERE I AM! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Just as before, people can interpret them as they see fit but down below you will find MY interpretation for them, to get an idea of what I will be doing for my photos.

I DO ASK, that when you do the “character specific” ones that could be spoilers, that you don’t say who/what happens in your post. Just using the book is good enough, I’d really hate to be spoiled for books because of this. And just a reminder, I do unfollow people on IG that post spoilers….so on the off chance that you do post something really spoiler-y, just be aware of that fun little fact. 🙂

If you want me to tag you in the IG posting once its up, please comment below with your IG username. And if you write about this in your own blog, please be considerate and link it back to this posting. Thanks everyone! ENJOY!


The first book in a series that you need to start

MAY 2: YOU ARE MORE [Tenth Avenue North]
a book with a character that suffers with a mental or physical illness, or is physically handicapped. A character that is MORE than, and doesn’t let their incapabilities stop them from being more than what they are.
[just a note, I was unsure about the wording here…I definitely do not mean to be offensive at all, so definitely let me know NICELY if this can be worded more appropriately.]

MAY 3: BETTER OFF ALONE [Smile Empty Soul]
A book that didn’t or doesn’t need a sequel

MAY 4: SEEING STARS [Jack Ingram & Patty Griffin]
OKAY, so I wasn’t really wanting a star themed one last month because of today, but thats just how it ended up being…..BUT I COULDN’T IGNORE TODAY, so, yeah…MAY THE FOURTH! Star Wars Day!! So, let me see your star wars themed books, or any space books you have.

MAY 5: MEXICO [The Staves]
How awful would it be if I didn’t represent half of who I am!? Happy Cinco de Mayo! I want to see some red, white and green books!

I don’t read a lot of classics, but I do have a couple that don’t get enough Insta love! So show me your classics!

So there are the entirely misunderstood villains of the story, but there are also the truly awful ones…so this post is for them! Who is the worst of the worst in your mind?

I am super in love with this song right now! Which book/s do you own that have some kind of musical theme to them?

MAY 9: SEA OF FACES [Kutless]
So originally I was going to go totally literal with this and have a “sea of books” tag with books that have faces on the cover, but that would totally throw off my themes, so just show off some books with faces [but if you do the original idea, i’d totally love to see it!!]

MAY 10: RUN BOY RUN [Woodkid]
Characters on the run! I have one of my awesome challenge participants to thank for this one! Thank you @jrosewordsmith for coming up with this. I have the song, but for some reason didn’t connect it with a challenge. Go give her a follow.

MAY 11: BLURRY [Puddle of Mudd]
I want to see, or NOT see….some blurred books!

MAY 12: BIG MOUTH [Jessie James-Decker]
There is always that ONE character that just doesn’t have a filter, and also doesn’t know when to shut it. This post is for them 🙂

What is your weekend read?

MAY 14: ROCKABYE [Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie]
Happy Mothers Day to all our mommas and to all the moms out there in the Bookstagram community! Which character would you love to see as a mother?

What is your go-to reread? Or if you don’t reread, what book WOULD you reread?

a book or series with more than one death. OR the main character kills or causes a death.

MAY 17: THE OTHERSIDE [Red Sun Rising]
MC has a major change in life style.
[ie: rags to riches, riches to rags…no one to someone….]

MAY 18: R.E.S.P.E.C.T [Aretha Franklin]
a bad ass main character!

MAY 19: LET’S DANCE [Sara Evans]
A book with a memorable dance scene

MAY 20: BRIGHT [Echosmith]
I want to see some of your brightly colored books!

MAY 21: ACCIDENTLY IN LOVE [Counting Crows]
a book where there was a romance that wasn’t supposed to take place. Forbidden love. A huge thank you to yet another follower. Go give @puppa.pages a follow.

MAY 22: COMPASS [Lady Antebellum]
A book surrounding an adventure

A book that got you out of a reading slump

MAY 24: MY IMMORTAL [Evanescence]
A book that has immortal characters

show me a close up of your current read

MAY 26: BY YOUR SIDE [Default]
who is the best side character? what book would just absolutely not be the same without that one character?

MAY 27: TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE [Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift]
A duology, or a book that you wish had a sequel

MAY 28: SILHOUETTE [Smile Empty Soul]
a book that has a cover with a silhouette

MAY 29: LOVE AND WAR [Drowning Pool]
It is Memorial Day. Lets remember it with finding happiness during the sad times. What book has both romance AND war in it?

MAY 30: DON’T BOTHER [Static Cycle]
What is one series or book that you wouldn’t recommend?

MAY 31: SAY GOODBYE [Katharine McPhee]
show me some last book in a series!

Like I said above, please be considerate when you go about your wording for posts. I know days like “16” can give away a lot, so please just show off the book, and leave those wondering what takes place.

I have a bunch more song titles, and I am always finding more to add, so I am hoping I will be able to do this for a while longer. Let me know what you think!




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  3. Hey so I’m doing this this month and thought I’d give you a note on day 2. I get what you’re trying to say. I would’ve said a character that is more than their mental illness. So one with a physical or mental illness but that doesn’t let it define them. 🙂 Just… that’s what I would want someone to say about me. That I am more than bipolar. Does that make sense? P.S. I LOVE that song and Tenth Avenue North.


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  5. This is lovely!😍😍 Thanks for explaining the challenge. I wanted to do a challenge for May. I’ve never done a challenge before and the one’s that I found I couldn’t understand what they actually meant so this really helps.
    Thank you!💞😃😃


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