When in Paris

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You know that book that you go back to, time after time, always knowing what to expect but never failing to be amazed all over again? The one that grabs you in each time you start it and you remember the exact time and place you actually picked up the book the first time and all the reasons you loved it that go around? That’s this book for me. I absolutely LOVE this book, time and time again I grab it when I’m in a slump and it never fails to get me through the slump and back into reading.

Anna is one of the most realistic and relatable main characters from any contemporary book that I’ve ever come across and I absolutely love her so darn much. And then there’s Etienne. That boy is the best example of a realistic crush and such an amazing person.

Their journey and the parallel it follows to Anna’s life and friends back home is so interesting when everything actually comes together. This book has so many amazingly hilarious moments and some extremely depressing moments and you just can’t help but love everything throughout the book.

Anna is such an amazingly well-rounded persona and I Love the fact that she’s so adamant about proving the fact that women can do the same thing men do when it comes to movie reviews and that they’re not too soft or too weak when it comes to leaving a movie review a lower rating when it may deserve it.

She sticks to her passions, she stays true to herself, and when she’s had enough, she actually stands up for herself and I absolutely love that fact about her.



Current Read:
Lola and the Boy Next Door (just started)
Firstlife (page 30)
Strange the Dreamer (112)


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