Verbal Bookshelf Tour [pt5]

Here is the Part 4 segment of my bookshelves [see into & part one & part two & part three & part four for more]. I have a lot of books. I’d love to know who also has a lot of books.

There are 38 books on this shelf.

  1. starting where I left off with the Cynthia Harrod-Eagles books. The Flood Tide – book 9 [1772 – Geroge III & the American War of Independence]
  2. The Tangled Thread [“] – book 10 [1788 – The French Revolution]
  3. The Emperor [“] – book 11 [1795 – Napoleon]
  4. The Victory [“] – book 12 [1803]
  5. The Regency [“] – book 13 [1807 – The Napoleonic Wars & The Industrial Revolution]
  6. The Campaigners [“] – book 14 [The Hundred Days Campaign & The Battle of Waterloo]
  7. The Devils Horse [“] – book 16 [1820 – George IV]
  8. The Abyss [“] – book 18 [1833 – William IV & Victoria] I think just because I now know this one is about Victoria…I am going to have to read it sooner rather than later……
  9. The Winter Journey [“] – book 20 [1851 – The Mid-Victorian era & The Great Exhibition & the Crimean War]
  10. The Outcast [“] – book 21 [1857 – The American Civil War]
  11. The Cause [“] – book 23 [1874 – Women’s Rights]
  12. The Homecoming [“] – book 24 [1885 – The Late Victorian Era]
  13. The Question [“] – book 25 [1898 – Late Victorian/Edwardian & Automobiles & The Suffragettes]
  14. The Dream Kingdom [“] – book 26 [1908 – Edwardian period & Aviation]
  15. The White Road [“] – book 28 [1914 – beginning of WWI]
  16. The Burning Roses [“] – book 29 [1915 – WWI]
  17. The Foreign Field [“] – book 31 [1917 – WWI & Battle of Passchendaele]
  18. The Fallen Kings [“] – book 32 [1918 – The end of WWI & Armistice & Demobilization] I am noticing as the books went on the time frame between them drastically decreased….
  19. The Dancing Years [“] – book 33 [1919 – Demobilization and peace]
  20. The Winding Road [“] – book 35 [1925 – the Jazz Age & Wall Street Crash] so of the 35 book series….I own 28.
  21. Hex Hall [Rachel Hawkins] – I have not read this, but the Goodreads reviews seem favorable. It might be a little juvenile for me to read and enjoy though. Maybe I will try it some time though.
  22. The Doctors Lady [Jody Hedlund] – I think I might pick this one up sometime soon. I read The Preacher’s Bride a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I’ve read a few things by this author, and I’ve enjoyed them for the most part.
  23. The Rose Legacy [Kristen Heitzmann] – book one in the Diamond of the Rockies trilogy. Another series my grandmother gave me to read, I enjoyed this first book, but never did read on….maybe I should make a point to do that.
  24. Sweet Boundless [“] – book two
  25. The Tender Vine [“] – book three
  26. Freefall [“] – I really don’t remember anything about this book….I am pretty sure I haven’t read it.
  27. Blue Asylum [Kathy Hepinstall] – I am honestly not sure why I haven’t read this one yet, because it seriously sounds so intriguing!
  28. Sweet Evil [Wendy Higgins] – this was a cute read, I’ve read it twice and liked it more the second time around. The trilogy over all is entertaining, although fairly typical in supernatural ya books these days.
  29. Sweet Peril [“] – book two
  30. Sweet Reckoning [“] – book three
  31. Sweet Temptation [“] – this I believe is the 3 books put together in the lead male’s POV. I haven’t read it yet, but definitely plan on it down the road.
  32. Unbroken [Laura Hillenbrand] – I haven’t read this but I saw the movie and thought it was so good!
  33. Saying ‘I Do’ Was the Easy Part [Theda Hlavka] – some book my grandma gave me when I got married. Probably one of the many I will neither read nor get rid of.
  34. Switched [Amanda Hocking] – I don’t even remember what this book is about, I’ve had it for so long. Maybe I should actually get rid of some books….Hmmm….
  35. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer [Michelle Hodkin] – I neeeeeed to reread this so that I can read the other two!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss Noah
  36. The Evolution of Mara Dyer [“] – book two
  37. The Retribution of Mara Dyer [“] – book three
  38. Crossing Oceans [Gina Holmes] – some christian fiction book that I have no idea where it came from.

Well, that’s part 5….this shelf is kind of boring…… Who has read these? are any of these on your TBRs?

So far, I have read: 88/200 books on my shelves.
For this shelf, my favorite has been: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
For this shelf, my least favorite has been: The Rose Legacy. I liked all the books I’ve read on this shelf, but this one wasn’t AMAZING.
For this shelf, my most anticipated is: The Evolution of Mara Dyer. I am really excited to continue on in this series.

That is all for now. I will try and get Shelf 6 up sooner rather than later….I should probably go upstairs now though. Grilling season has finally come back to Alaska!


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The Edge on the Sword [147/288]

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Just Tonight [The Pretty Reckless]


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