Verbal Bookshelf Tour [pt4]

Here is the Part 4 segment of my bookshelves [see into & part one & part two & part three for more]. I have a lot of books. I’d love to know who also has a lot of books. I STILL HAVE 2 EMPTY SHELVES THOUGH, so that’s like….60 more books I can buy.

There are 37 books on this shelf.

  1. first up is a christian fiction romance novel….surprise, surprise. Love’s Reckoning. [Laura Frantz]. I’ve actually read a couple books from this author…but not this one, or the second book in this series….which I also own.
  2. Love’s Awakening [Laura Frantz]
  3. In The Woods [Tana French] – I am really not into mystery books these days, but I’ve had this one a long time…and I’ve seen it around Bookstagram a few times…so I feel like I should make an effort to read it this year.
  4. Outlander [Diana Gabaldon] – I actually have two copies. One is the mass production with the blue cover.
  5. Outlander [Diana Gabaldon] – I found a copy with a cover I’ve never seen before in a thrift store…it was $1, so, I definitely bought it.
  6. Dragonfly in Amber [Diana Gabaldon] – I did in fact read this, after rereading Outlander for the 2nd time….I enjoyed it, but not as much as I did the first book.
  7. The Fiery Cross [Diana Gabaldon] – I have book 3 on my kindle….unfortunately, I started and never finished….so I am unsure if I will ever read this book.
  8. Caraval [Stephanie Garber] – for the most part, I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book….but I have heard not so good things, so I am hesitant about starting it. I tend to be in the minority when it comes to hyped up books….so I guess I should try and read it soon and find out how it is for myself.
  9. Joshua [Joseph F. Girzone] – This book, I found it at the book sale a few weeks ago, and I am going to admit that it was bought solely for nostalgic purpose, and I will probably never read it. When my parents were stilled married, and we lived about 7 hours North of here by car…we used to have a cabin that was owned by my grandparents. It was maybe like an hour’s drive….? maybe longer…well, when we went, we would pack our portable CASSETTE TAPE PLAYER, and listen to audio books. I remember this one well….I forgot about it for a really long time, but I thought about it a couple years ago, and was really happy to come across it at the book sale.
  10. A Bride Most Begrudging [Deeanne Gist] – You pretty much only need to look at the name to see that its another grandma-given book, haha.
  11. Wizard’s First Rule [Terry Goodkind] – Have any of you lovely people read this? I’ve had it forever, and IDK how I stumbled upon it.
  12. The Drowning Tree [Carol Goodman] – I haven’t read this one, but she wrote a book called The Lake of Dead Languages, and I’ve read it about 10 times. I don’t have it in my library anymore though…I’ve owned it about 4 times and have given to someone just as many times. I own it on my kindle, and hope to read it again soon.
  13. Blythewood [Carol Goodman] – CG ventures into YA with this first book in a series. The cover is to die for…funny story, when I bought it, it had an ugly sticker that didn’t come off nicely so I neglected putting it in photos for like…years…..and then I showed my husband one day, and he worked his magic annnnd I can put it in photos again, I just haven’t found the right tags/challenges to do so. Lame. I haven’t read it, but I do hope to read it soon.
  14. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies [Seth Grahame-Smith] – So back in 2016, you know…a whole year ago…..I took part in a reading challenge with some girlfriends. One of us, I think it was Lauren, actually….found a 2016 reading challenge that we all wanted to do. So we split the list between the 4 of us, and picked books…..It was fun, but the downside was that we didn’t all like the same books, and none of us owned ALL of the books….so it led us to having to buy books, even if we didn’t necessarily want to….so THIS was someone’s pick. I hadn’t thought about reading it because I love Pride and Prejudice, but didn’t care for this twist. I won’t say I hated it, but I probably could have enjoyed it more.
  15. The Other Boleyn Girl [Philippa Gregory] – I really like this book! I found this copy a the book sale I’ve mentioned. My first copy, along with her “The Queen’s Fool” were given to me by my mother, sooooo many years ago. I think I was in high school. The movie was…..disappointing, but you know, I think this started my love of Henry VIII and his wives…mainly Anne Boleyn.
  16. The Girl at Midnight [Melissa Grey] – I don’t remember what exactly pulled me in….I don’t particularly like the cover…although, the purple definitely makes it stand out. I saw it on Goodreads before it was released. It wasn’t one I was dying to read, but I did eventually buy it, and then read it…and I really loved it. It seemed to be part Daughter of Smoke and Bone….part Shadow & Bone, annnnd I loved it! I’ve read it twice.
  17. The Shadow Hour [“] – and then I bought book two….which I WAS dying to get my hands on, having read tG@M and just absolutely needing more……….and I dnf’d it…..I don’t even think I got half done. It was SO BORING, and it simply dragged. It literally took place in a warehouse they were hiding out in. I mean, really… bored! I am unsure if I will ever pick it up again.
  18. Scoring Wilder [RS Grey] – this is where my love of RS Grey started. She writes the funniest books, and I absolutely adore her! One of her newer books just replaced this as my favorite, but this one is pretty damn awesome! Sadly, I don’t know if I can read it again….because the male lead is named Liam, and…yeah, my son is also named Liam [not after this character……ew], sooooo, yeah. BUT ITS SO GOOD! If you like Harry Potter references and sarcastic bitches, you should read it.
  19. Villa Triste [Lucretia Grindle] – WWII historical fiction – enough said. With “present times” mystery. I need to read this one! its a beast of a book though….629 pages….So I am waiting until I am seriously in the mood for some good ol’ historical fiction mixed with some mystery.
  20. Band Of Sisters [Cathy Gohlke] – I do not know much about this, but the description does sound intriguing.
  21. Secret Daughter [Shilpi Somaya Gowda] – you know, I think I’ve had this book so long, and I haven’t ever touched it except for when I am moving books around….that I honestly don’t think I will ever read it. With all the books I have, I should seriously consider getting rid of the ones I am truly uninterested in.
  22. Songbird Under A German Moon [Tricia Goyer] – I need to read this…..I love wwii if you haven’t noticed….YET, I HAVE READ LIKE NONE OF THE BOOKS I HAVE……
  23. From Dust & Ashes: A Story of Liberation [“] book one in the wwii liberator series
  24. Night Song: A Story of Sacrifice [“] – book two
  25. Arms of Deliverance: A Story of Promise [“] – book four, I need book three…maybe then I will tell myself to read them.
  26. A Discovery of Witches [Deborah Harkness] – I don’t know much about it, except its big, and apparently about witches…I’ve heard its good though, so I’ll keep it and hope I read it before I die.
  27. Unearthly [Cynthia Hand] – haven’t read this, I might be too old to enjoy it now though.
  28. Hallowed [“] – book two
  29. My Lady Jane [Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, Brodi Ashton] – this just seemed like a really funny story. It is the book I chose for challege 8, so I will be reading it here in a couple months.
  30. The Founding [Cynthia Harrod-Eagles]Morland Dynasty book one. I read this almost 550 page book in a day. I started it and literally could not stop reading. This series spans centuries. This book takes place in 1434 [War of the Roses]. Each book takes place with a new generation of the Morland family. There are THIRTY FIVE books in this series. I own many, but not all. I doubt I’ll read them all, simply because as they increase in years, I found the periods to be less interesting.
  31. The Dark Rose [“] – book two [1501 – Henry VIII] definitely my favorite of the two I’ve read so far.
  32. The Princeling [“] – book three [1558 – Elizabeth I & Mary Queen of Scots]
  33. The Oak Apple [“] – book four [1630 – Charles I]
  34. The Black Pearl [“] – book five [1659 – Charles II]
  35. The Long Shadow [“] – book six [1670 – Charles II & James II]
  36. The Chevalier [“] – book seven [1689 – William & Mary, Queen Anne, George I, The Old Pretender, 1715 Rebellion]
  37. The Maiden [“] – book eight [1720 – George I, George II, Bonnie Prince Charlie “The Young Pretender”, 1745 Rebellion]

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, that is part 4 of my shelves. Who has read these? are any of these on your TBRs?

So far, I have read: 83/162 books on my shelves.
For this shelf, my favorite has been: Outlander
For this shelf, my least favorite has been: The Shadow Hour
For this shelf, my most anticipated is: Caraval

OKAY! Well that is all for now. I will try and get Shelf 5 up soon! for now….ROGUE ONE TIME! yaaaaaaay! I’ve been wanting to see it again since my husband and I saw it in theater. K2-SO!!


Current Read:
Crystal Crowned [165/420]
Victoria & Albert [10/210]

Current Song:
Broken [Seether ft Amy Lee]



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  3. You have so many books! Its really hard for me to find most of these titles where I live, so I usually import them (cause no online shop ships to us). Not only does that make these books too expensive, but it takes forever to get them delivered to my doorstep 😢 Thank goodness for ebooks 😁


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