Verbal Bookshelf Tour [pt3]

Here is the Part 3 segment of my bookshelves [see into & part one & part two for more]. I have a lot of books. I’d love to know who also has a lot of books. I STILL HAVE 2 EMPTY SHELVES THOUGH, so that’s like….60 more books I can buy.

There are 42 books on this shelf.

  1. first up is a MYSTERY christian fiction book. Without A Trace [Colleen Coble]
  2. Beyond A Doubt [Colleen Coble] – the first is the first in a series….this is the 2nd.
  3. Abomination [Colleen Coble] – I somehow skipped book 3, this is book 4.
  4. Anathema [Colleen Coble] – I actually only bought this because I love the cover….I’ve read OTHER C.C. books, but not any of these 4.
  5. Beta [Rachel Cohn] – I have had this on my shelves for…..a really long time. I actually don’t know if I will ever read this…
  6. Relic [Renee Collins] – this seems like an interesting one for sure….but I feel like it might be a little too juvenile.
  7. Alaska Brides – I have this shelved under Mary Connealy, but it is actually written with 2 others. Cathy Marie Hake & Kathleen Y’barbo. One of those christian fiction books my grandmother gave me. Part of a wedding gift actually, since I was, in fact, an Alaskan Bride *laughs*
  8. Nearly Gone [Elle Cosimano] – This was a total cover buy. I absolutely love the cover. I really do want to read it though, I just have not. I will try to read it this year, and if I don’t, I will add it to the 2018 Reading Challenge.
  9. Nevermore [Kelly Creagh] – I found this book in a thrift shop a while back…absolutely no idea why I picked it up. I don’t care for Edgar Allen Poe [which is where the title came from, I believe], annnnnnnnnnd the synopsis makes it seem like total YA cliche after cliche. The couple on the cover is lame, but the writing and texture is really awesome. MAYBE I’ll read it one day.
  10. Breathe [Sarah Crossan]the first book on this shelf I’ve read. I’ve read it recently. It was my Challenge 5 pick. I think it was a matter of being too old to enjoy this that led me to not enjoying it.
  11. There is actually a book missing that should be here. I lent The Murder Complex [Lindsay Cummings] to my sister like….2 years ago, annnnnnnnd she is bad about remembering to bring books back when we hang out. This won’t be the first book on this list that she has, haha.
  12. The Death Code [Lindsay Cummings] – You know, I really loved book one. I thought it was really unique, and an insane story…..saddened to say, book two was……not even close. I actually texted my sister to NOT read TMC, just so she wouldn’t love it like I did, and then read this……
  13. The Maze Runner [James Dashner]
  14. The Scorch Trials [“]
  15. The Death Cure [“] – I loved these books the first time I read them….but I couldn’t stand the first one when I tried rereading it. And the movies….Ugh.
  16. The Gargoyle [Andrew Davidson]
  17. Bared To You [Sylvia Day]
  18. Reflected In You [“]
  19. Entwined With You [“]
  20. Captivated By You [“] – I loved these books, I’ve read one like 3 times. Well, I loved the first 3….but then they announced a 4th and 5th book……and waiting for this one took forever, and I forced myself to read it when it came out. It wasn’t bad, but I feel like when you have to wait so long, you just….lose interest.  I waited so long for book 5, that I totally lost interest, and have had no desire to buy it.
  21. Truthwitch [Susan Dennard]I am sorry to say that the hype of this series escapes me. I didn’t even finish this. I don’t even think I made it half way through this.
  22. Ekaterina [Susan K. Downs & Susan May Warren] – I actually really adored this series. There are 4 books, and each book is about the ancestor of the character in the next book. I actually told myself if I ever read them again, I’d read them 4-1 instead of 1-4.
  23. Nadia [“]
  24. Marina [“] – this being WWII era makes it my favorite in the series.
  25. Oksana [“]
  26. Vendetta [Catherine Doyle] I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down. Sad to say I have not read the following books though. For some reason, they put off releasing it in the US until after they’d released it elsewhere… a year. When that date came around though, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere……book three is apparently available, though……..
  27. Elizabeth & Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens [Jane Dunn] – I got this at the $2 book sale. I love English Royalty. Plus I had an obsession with her mother for the longest time. It is what started my love of English Royals.
  28. Angelfall [Susan Ee]
  29. World After [“]
  30. End of Days [“] – This was seriously a fantastic series! I am actually sad about how it ended though. Originally, it was supposed to be longer…and was somehow cut down to three books, so it made the third book kind of…rushed in spots.
  31. The Sweet By & By [Sara Evans & Rachel Hauck] – yes, the country singer, Sara Evans. I haven’t read this yet, but I’ve read a couple Hauck books, and I loved them.
  32. Love Finds You In: Romeo, Colorado [Gwen Ford Faulkenberry]
  33. The Veritas Conflict [Shaunti Feldhahn]THIS book…haven’t read it yet, but its beautiful, and it absolutely sounds amazing. I want to read it soon, for sure.
  34. The Reconciled Hearts trilogy [Doris Elaine Fell] – 3 in 1 christian fiction
  35. Love Finds You In: Bridal Veil Oregon [Miralee Ferrell]
  36. Hush Hush [Becca Fitzpatrick]
  37. Silence [“]
  38. Crescendo [“]
  39. Finale [“]
  40. The Pillars of the Earth [Ken Follett]
  41. World Without End [“]
  42. Juliet [Anne Fortier] – This book. I love retellings, and this one on Romeo & Juliet is just amazing and unique!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, that is part 3 of my shelves. Who has read these? are any of these on your TBRs?

So far, I have read: 72/125 books on my shelves.
For this shelf, my favorite has been: Vendetta
For this shelf, my least favorite has been: Truthwitch
For this shelf, my most anticipated is: The Veritas Conflict

This took way too long to do…..I still don’t have a working disc drive, but I moved my laptop over here [I work best at the Desktop] and have watched 9 Lives and MOST of Fantastic Beasts while I’ve been writing this……..yeah, 1.75 movies……ridiculous. Its 3 am, soooo I am definitely off to bed.

ICYMI: The April Photo Challenge is here! Go check it out ❤




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