Weekly Progress & Goals [11]

Every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on what I read the previous week, and how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

We are just going to pretend that I posted this 24 hours ago….and that its not 4PM on Monday *sigh*. I don’t even have a good excuse for not doing this yesterday…..life just kind of gets busy. I am not going to worry about it, and if you are worried, then I am going to back away slowly because…..yeah.


I totally failed last weeks challenges.

I did NOT finish When It Rains….I wanted to, because it sounded like a really good book, but I honestly could not get past her whiny-ness. YES, I get that the whole book started with her being raped [I wouldn’t call that spoiler because thats what it is about….], but the whole “poor me, i love my best friend but I can’t date him. He left me for college and im stuck here, poor me” bs was seriously getting to be too much. I wanted tragic, make me cry, and this was….tragic for the prologue followed by a lot of eye rolling.

I also have not read Crystal Crowned yet….I can only stand reading one kindle book at a time, and I decided to read other things. MAYBE this week [but I wouldn’t count on it…].

I DID read City of Lost Souls though! I finished it yesterday. So I will be rereading City of Heavenly Fire soon AND THEN CHALLENGE 6!

I did read last week though! aside from reading half of WIR, and reading all of CoLS, I reread Mackenzie Fire. I LOVE THAT BOOK, and I also love book one, Shine Not Burn Those books are just so hilarious. Definitely worth the read if you want hilarious AF mixed with sexy time. Click on the title if you want to see my random thoughts from my Goodreads review.

On the recommendation of both Liz [@alaskanbookventures] & Milana [@acouplereads] I started reading The Bird & The Sword [Amy Harmon] last night. I wasn’t really able to read much because L was pretty busy and restless. What I did read though, I LOVE. I am absolutely intrigued by this book, I am excited to sit down and read some more later.

And since I can’t seem to just be able to read a kindle book, I am going to finally be rereading Loving Mr. Daniels….I’ve read it a few times, and I just can’t stop loving it. I highly recommend it! It is one of the few contemporary books I have read and loved.

I also definitely plan on starting my reread of City of Heavenly Fire soon, as I said above. I’d LIKE it to be this week, but it is a fatty, and I might have to work up to it or else I will force myself to read it before I am ready and yeah….I don’t like that. Come back on Sunday to see if I read it or started it or not.

Another book I would definitely like to read soon is a book that I got at a book store sale last week or the week before….? Victoria & Albert. I saw the movie a long time ago, and didn’t like it….so I never was much interested in Queen Victoria. BUT, after having watched the first season of Victoria on Masterpiece recently…I AM IN LOVE. I was really excited when I came across this book, and am looking forward to reading it.

I don’t know if you saw, but I’ve posted a few posts over the week and there are still more to come. They are “Verbal Bookshelf Tours”. I rearranged my bookshelves a week ago. Haha, that is a quick, funny story actually….Okay, so last week I said I was going to see Logan, well we went to Logan on Monday, my husband and I. L went and had his very first sleep over at GG’s house, and after the movie WHICH IS FREAKING AMAZING YOU GUYS!!! If you haven’t seen it yet GO DO IT. Man, I cried like a little bitch. ANYWAY, after the movie, we went home, and you’d think HEY! no baby, we can do things we normally can’t on Nic’s nights off, like READING and VIDEO GAMES, and watching a movie without pausing it a million times….. we get home, and what do we do? Nic just goes to bed and I literally rearranged my bookshelves. BABY FREE FOR A NIGHT, and I rearrange my bookshelves. So silly. Anyway, back to the story….

I rearranged my shelves and decided that I really needed to figure out how many books I still need to read, so GREAT IDEA. I decided to post about them on here…shelf by shelf. So far I have posted the Intro, shelf 1, and shelf 2. It has actually been kind of fun. I have no idea if anyone is actually finding them interesting, but I am enjoying myself, so I shall keep doing it.

Okay, so we might be getting a little [or a lot…] rant-y here……If you are following me over on IG, and you saw my post a few days ago you saw that I posted some PRETTY serious and personal details. Just to better explain myself….I was not personally attacked. What lead me to posting that was me CONSTANTLY seeing people being hateful to others for simply wanting to read something the attacker deemed “problematic” and/or “not diverse enough”. I am not saying these books were or were not what the people said they were. And I am in NO WAY AGAINST DIVERSITY. What I am against is people judging others simply by their reading material. You could not look at a single book I have posted on IG and surmise ANYTHING about my life, let alone the very personal details I posted. There is a VERY HIGH CHANCE [you know…like 100%] that other people have also gone through shit, and their reading material does not match up to reflect that. AND WHY SHOULD IT? I personally love books that are not RL problems. Why would I want to read books that reflect my life? Contemporary is hardly my jam. I love books that couldn’t possibly be real.

People should be able to read what they want. People should be able to escape from reality without fear of being verbally attacked and bullied.

Have I once said:

“that book is too gay”
“that book is too black, asian, red, green, blue….”
“that book has too many handicapped characters in it”

HELL NO, and you never will. So please stop telling people:

“that book is too straight”
“that book is too white”
“that book is too full of abled/healthy people”

because that is REVERSE whatever category fits, be it racism, abelism, whatever ism….

I read what I want to read. I don’t read what I don’t want to read. It has nothing to do with the details of the characters’ lives. I usually tend to forget what the character looks like as soon as details are said, so I actually do not understand why people are such haters, to be truly honest. If the books I read happen to be all white, or have all races, or if  the book does or does not feature gay characters….then that is just how it ends up being. To me it is all about the adventure the author takes us on. I am more about how books are written than I am about the characters themselves.

Anyone who tells you that you can’t read a book is an asshole. It is as simple as that. I don’t care WHAT book it is. This isn’t so much about any particular books, or it’s content. THIS IS ABOUT PEOPLE’S ACTIONS. You can think you’re the MOST diverse/anti diverse person in the world, you can have your beliefs and you can be all the “pro/anti” you want, and you can PROMOTE the books you want to promote – I LOVE people telling me about books I’ve never heard of, but there is a wrong way of telling people about the books you want them to read.

What I am getting at is
Don’t judge people by their reading choices….
and don’t put down people trying to get your point across.

You can just as easily tell someone there needs to be more diversity in books by telling people about all the great books the category has to offer and have MORE POSITIVE FEEDBACK, as you can by attacking other books and people. So, seriously, concentrate on all the wonderful things these books have to offer, and I’d probably be more willing to read them and talk to you about them. As soon as I see you being a bully, and putting other people and books down, I turn my eyes to other things. If you aren’t as open minded about other peoples opinions, then, are you really that open minded?

OKAY, enough about that. I apologize if anyone believes I am putting them down, it is not my intent. And I’d love to talk to you if you feel I’ve said anything wrong. TALK, not be attacked – there is a huge difference.

I think this is all for now in general…..it is now 530, and I am beyond starving. FOOD TIME!

I’d love to hear from you all! Positive or not, just…be nice about it.

On a lighter note….I have posted the April Photo Challenge if anyone missed it and wants to see it! I am excited about it because it will be the first co-host effort.


Currently Reading:
The Bird & The Sword [12%]
Loving Mr. Daniels [1/330]

Current Listen:
Blow Me [1 Last Kiss] [Pink]



  1. *Claps* Go Ash! Yea I’ve been seeing alot of abuse on twitter. People are so hateful and just jump to conclusions. Its ridiculous that you think you can just spew acid and it’s totally alright. Thank you for standing up for people.


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