Verbal Bookshelf Tour [pt2]

Here is the Part 2 segment of my bookshelves [see into & part one for more]. I have a lot of books. I’d love to know who also has a lot of books. I STILL HAVE 2 EMPTY SHELVES THOUGH, so that’s like….60 more books I can buy.

There are only 34 books on this shelf [because there are 2 box sets and at least 3 very fat books].

  1. First off, carrying over from shelf one is Dan Brown. first we have The Da Vinci Code, which I don’t think I liked as much as Angels & Demons.
  2. Lost Symbol [Dan Brown] – I haven’t read this one yet. I don’t even know where it came from, to be honest.
  3. Red Rising [Pierce Brown] – I did not like this book. but it was a reading challenge pick. I am happy to get it off my ‘unread’ list though. Unfortunately my next book is still on it, and I don’t want to read it.
  4. Golden Son [Pierce Brown] – Although I did find some parts in Red Rising to be good, and entertaining….I really did not find it very appealing. So sadly, that means I will probably not be reading this.
  5. The Discovery Saga Collection [Wanda E. Brunstetter] – okay, technically this is 6 stories…so we will say there are 40 books on this shelf, haha. This is another book my grandmother gave me. I doubt I will ever read it, but as long as it makes her happy gifting me books, I will love them all.
  6. A Triple Knot [Emma Campion] – This book….I won it in a GR giveaway years ago. I tried reading it, it was the first giveaway I had ever won, so I was excited about it. Unfortunately it fell flat, so it ended up being a DNF.
  7. Kushiel’s Dart [Jacqueline Carey] – I have had this book a long time, but have sadly never read it. Maybe if I don’t get to it this year, I will make a point to put it on next years reading challenge.
  8. Love Finds You In: Martha’s Vineyard [Melody Carlson] – yay for more christian historical fiction. The Love Finds You series is written by multiple CF authors. I’ve read two different ones [this not being one of them…] and I absolutely loved one and the other was a Hallmark Movie failure, haha.
  9. Love Finds You In: Sisters, Oregon [Melody Carlson] – haven’t read this one either….
  10. The Alienist [Caleb Carr] – I stumbled upon this one years ago, it seemed interesting. Definitely something I’d read….but then I find of fell out of love with the mystery/thriller genre. Maybe I’ll pick it up, maybe I won’t.
  11. The Black Mage: First Year [Rachel E. Carter] – I love this series. You can check out my thoughts on books 1-3 here.
  12. The Black Mage: Apprentice [Rachel E. Carter]
  13. Loving Mr. Daniels [Brittainy C. Cherry] – This book………I’ve read it a few times! it is seriously so beautiful and sad. This is one of the few books I have reviewed on Goodreads if you want to see my gibberish filled thoughts. I am actually thinking of rereading this one soon. It is so good!
  14. Clockwork Angel [Cassandra Clare] – what is there to say about these books other than FREAKING PERFECTION.
  15. Clockwork Prince [“]
  16. Clockwork Princess [“]THIS BOOK HAS ALL THE FEELS. I’m dying just thinking about it.
  17. The Infernal Devices box set [“] – yep! I have 2 copies. When they came out with the new covers, I was sad about it….but then I decided they were pretty amazing. That Christmas I asked my mother in law for them, and I got them! These covers are gorgeous. I actually only photograph them, I’ve never actually opened these. It took me MONTHS to take the PLASTIC off the box set, haha.
  18. City of Bones [“]
  19. City of Ashes [“]
  20. City of Glass [“] – this is actually my favorite of the series…although, having read it so many times, I am actually not as in love with this series as I once was.
  21. City of Fallen Angels [“] – this book was both awful and truly unnecessary.
  22. City of Lost Souls [“] – I am currently rereading this, and will be done in time for my Sunday post.
  23. City of Heavenly Fire [“] – this is my next read….this is the only book in the series that I’ve read once, so I am actually kind of looking forward to it.
  24. The Mortal Instruments box set [“] – same as number 17…except my mom bought me these, not my mother in law.
  25. City of Bones [“] – yep! you read that correctly. I have THREE copies of City of Bones. This is the new cover but in HARDCOVER format. I found it one day at Walmart for like $5. It was actually a prize in a giveaway last year, but it was left unclaimed, as I had several books to choose from.
  26. Lady Midnight [“] – And this is why I have been rereading the TMI books….to work up to this! this is my next challenge read. Challenge 6. I am excited to read this with Lauren!
  27. Six Years [Harlan Coben] – oh look! something other than Clare. Uhhhh, I don’t know why I have this…..but it seems interesting.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, that is part 2 of my shelves. Who has read these? are any of these on your TBRS?

So far, I have read: 48/79 books on my shelves.
For this shelf, my favorite has been: Clockwork Princess
For this shelf, my least favorite has been: Red Rising
For this shelf, my most anticipated is: Lady Midnight

I don’t know about you, but I am actually kind of finding these to be fun. Something new, for sure!

ICYMI: The April Photo Challenge is here! Go check it out ❤



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