Verbal Bookshelf Tour [pt1]

So since the intro of these bookshelf tours, I have listed the books on my first shelf. I forgot how many books just one shelf can hold, soooo, I think I will only go into great detail on the ones I really want to talk to you about.

I forgot to mention, but I shelve my books the boring alphabetical way. A-Z by authors last name. The series are all in order. The books within the authors name are not in any particular order unless they are a series.

Shall we begin?

isn’t that a line in some horror movie? it seems like it would be…..creepy AF.

I counted, there are 39 books alone on just one shelf. My shelves are side by side, so I will go from left to right, left to right, etc. etc. This blog post is dedicated to the first half of the top books.

  1. The first book on my shelves is, of course, my bible. One of them, anyway. I was raised in Assemblies of God, and later went to a non denom church. I haven’t been to church in a long time, but I do still carry my beliefs. I have read the bible, more than once and have definitely found comfort within the pages on more than one occasion.
  2. The Inheritance [Tamara Alexander] – one of the many books my grandmother has given me over the years, also one I haven’t read. I need to be in the mood for ‘christian fiction’, and that does not happen often.
  3. Dreamfire [Kit Alloway] – I actually received this in ARC form. I won a giveaway on Goodreads shortly before it released in 2015. Unfortunately, its another one on the unread list.
  4. The Wrath & The Dawn [Renee Ahdieh] – I absolutely loved this book. I’ve read it three times, and each time I proclaim ‘epic love story’.
  5. The Rose & The Dagger [“] – uggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this book. I couldn’t stand it. It definitely did not compare to book one.
  6. some giant Hans Christian Anderson book. Haven’t read it yet, I bought it at Costco when I was pregnant in hopes of reading it to little L [haven’t yet]
  7. White Hot Kiss [Jennifer L. Armentrout] – looooooooooove these books! This is probably my favorite though.
  8. Stone Cold Touch [“] – I think this falls under the second book syndrome category. It was not my favorite. I did still love it enough to read book three.
  9. Every Last Breath [“]I LOVED THIS. This was such a good series. I definitely want to read it again soon.
  10. Not My Will [Francena Arnold] – I don’t remember much about this book, but I remember liking it.
  11. In The Forest of the Night [Amelia Atwater-Rhodes] – I have no idea why I even have this book. I bought it because someone picked it for a reading challenge I did last year, and then never read it. Mainly because I had no desire to read it.
  12. Pride & Prejudice [Jane Austen]I LOVE THIS BOOK! I’ve read it a few times. I am not one for classics, but this is a must read. I actually just watched a Jane Austen movie. It wasn’t bad, entertaining. Although I had to have the volume down low, so I missed a lot of what was happening.
  13. A Woman’s Place [Lynn Austin] – Haven’t read it, and I know the title sounds totally bad, but I linked the synopsis to the title. In case anyone wants to actually read what its about before they judge my reading material. Also, I haven’t read it yet.
  14. Red Queen [Victoria Aveyard] – you know, I was really really excited for this one. It was released and everyone was reading it, and I got really jealous, because I kept hearing amazing things. So my husband surprised me with it for Valentines day, yay! I enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was amazing as everyone said it was…and when I had to reread it a year later, I was less than enthused.
  15. Glass Sword [“] – ugh, can I just skip talking about this mess of a book? couldn’t stand it. Have no intention on reading any other book in the series.
  16. Shadow & Bone [Leigh Bardugo] – I actually really loved this book! I thought it was quite intriguing and original.
  17. Seige & Storm [“] – and second book syndrome strikes again. Not my favorite.
  18. Ruin & Rising [“] – why do only the second and third book have the same letters in both words? title one bugs me now! Also, haven’t read this. I got spoiled for it, and knowing what the ending is, I have no desire to read it.
  19. Six of Crows [“] – the first book I read for the #TACKLEYOURLIBRARYCHALLENGE17 reading challenge. I was far from impressed. It was good, don’t get me wrong. I apparently just have no ability of jumping on ships like everyone else seems to be able to. I thought this, and the 2nd book were overhyped.
  20. Crooked Kingdom [“] – I read this too, simply because I knew if I didn’t read it right after book one, I would either NOT read it, or I would force myself to reread book one, which I didn’t want to do.
  21. Raised by Wolves [Jennifer Lynn Barnes] – don’t know why I have this. Definitely another random buy, and I doubt I will read it. Pretty cover though!
  22. The Immortal Nicholas [Glenn Beck] – I actually just picked this one up. Our local bookstore had a big $2 sale, and this just kind of popped out at me. It seemed interesting. Title linked to synopsis.
  23. The Goblin Wood [Hilari Bell] – another book that I have no idea where it came from…..but I do like the title! maybe I’ll read it, someday.
  24. Darcy & Elizabeth: Nights & Days at Pemberley [Linda Berdoll] – I actually read this a long time ago…and did NOT like it, but I saw it at the same book sale I mentioned above and I LOVED that cover, and $2….why not?
  25. Those Who Save Us [Jenna Blum] – I got this because its WWII fiction. I don’t know anything else about it other than I love WWII fiction. I do want to read it! I’ve had it a while, so hopefully I can make myself pick it up one of these days.
  26. The Darkest Minds [Alexandra Bracken] – I flew through this first book! and then I had to wait forever because like an idiot, I had only bought book one….I did order books 2 and 3 right away though! Did you guys know that Mandy Moore is going to be the main adult female character? not sure how I feel about that, but I LOVE Mandy Moore!
  27. Never Fade [“] – I don’t remember much of this book, actually.
  28. In The Afterlight [“] – Again, don’t remember this one, but I remember not being totally satisfied with the ending.
  29. A Great & Terrible Beauty [Libba Bray] – I am actually really surprised I haven’t read this one yet, BUT I WILL BE THIS YEAR! It is on my reading list [see link above].
  30. Rebel Angels [“]
  31. Deeply Devoted [Maggie Brendan] – another book my grandmother gave me. Haven’t read it!
  32. Moonrakers Bride [Madeleine Brent] – I read this book many many many years ago. My mother lent me her copy, when I was…I think in middle school? Loved it! I probably wouldn’t read it again, simply because I am afraid I wouldn’t like it as much.
  33. Stormswift [“] – my mom and grandma found a copy of this book and gave it to me a few years ago. I actually really liked it, but not as much as I remembered liking MB. I was surprised with the ending, although, thinking back, I don’t think I disagree with it as much as I did when I first read it.
  34. Green Rider [Kristen Britain] – I don’t remember it, but I must have loved it enough to give it 5 stars on GR, annnnnd to buy books 2-4.
  35. First Riders Call [“] – I am eventually going to reread book one and carry on in the series. Although, I think I am missing a book, or two.
  36. High Kings Tomb [“]
  37. Blackveil [“]
  38. A Bride for All Seasons [Margaret Brownley] – I will never understand why my grandma thinks I like this kind of stuff….oh well. I’ll be happy I have them all one day, I am sure.
  39. Angels & Demons [Dan Brown] – Funny story. I’d never heard of these books before. I’d never heard of this author before….Well one day in, I want to say 10th grade…we had testing going on, but it was testing we had to do with teachers who weren’t our own. So we got escorted to another class room with a teacher I’d never met before. I finished testing early, so I picked this one up randomly, annnnnnnnd loved it so much that I snuck it in my back, and still have it all these years later.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, that is part one of my shelves. Who has read these? are any of these on your TBRS?

So far, I have read: 22/39 books on my shelves.
So far, my favorite has been: The Wrath & The Dawn
So far, my least favorite has been: Glass Sword
So far, my most anticipated is: A Great & Terrible Beauty

I am going to go ahead and post this now because I have spent hours typing it….because RL *eye roll*. After this, I will try to post every Wednesday, BUUUUUT, because this is probably going to be a process [I have 12 filled shelves…], I will probably just post as often as I can write them.

Is this boring? sorry if it is! definitely skip these posts in the future if you don’t like this sort of thing. WELL! I am off to bed. So tired.


OH YEAH, did I mentioned I posted the April Challenge? if not [and even if I did…], go check it out!



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  6. Oh, I almost never see the Green Rider books around! I loved 1 & 2, then they got progressively more like hard work, and the gaps between them got longer, and then book 5 was a totally pointless, frustrating tangent and I DNF’d it. Book 6 is FINALLY coming out later this year & I can’t decide whether I’ll even bother. Especially as it means I’ll have to force myself to go back and finish Mirror Sight.


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