There Will Be One


Oh, boy. Where to even begin with this book?! I cannot possibly say everything that I want to get across, but I will say this: THIS BOOK IS AMAZING.
It’s not the most fast-paced book out there, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, I wouldn’t pick it up. 

I was hooked from the beginning though. What I absolutely adored was the fact that we really got to know each of the sisters over the course of the book. 

Arsinoe was my favorite, though I won’t go into all the details about why she is, aside from the fact that she’s bloody resilient and I love the fact that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. 
That being said, Kathrine and Mirabella did grow on me over the course of the book, especially since at the beginning something about Mira irked me for whatever reason. 

A couple of the twists in this book were amazing and I honestly cannot wait for the next book. I will most certainly be reading it and I will definitely be reading this one again before that release. 

The world building in this book was so creative and the whole premise was just so interesting to watch unfold. It’s not your typical, overdone high fantasy novel and I absolutely loved that. 

So. Freaking. Good. 


-Lauren xx

Currently Reading: 

Xodus (just started)

Unblemished (just started) 


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