Verbal Bookshelf Tour [Intro]

So, in honor of having just rearranged my shelves…which, is really a chore, you guys! I thought I would do a bookshelf tour of sorts so everyone [myself, included…] knows which books I have, and which of those books are still unread.

I have a variety of genre, although, I think I pretty much only show off my YA books over on IG. I thought I would do 1 shelf per post [per week]. A lot of the books, I probably won’t have much to say about, but for some I will probably fangirl all over the place. NO SPOILERS THOUGH, you know how I like things.

*kind of irritated because the disc drive won’t work….I want to watch a movie while I do this*

I really wanted to add a shelfie, but since I still have zero idea on how to add photos…this will all be verbally done. So weird, right? It’ll work.

I don’t think I will start in this post, I want to go through and make lists so that I am not getting up and doing the cardio I definitely should be doing…..because I am lazy like that. This post, I think I will just talk about my shelves, because I love them. They are special to me, and NOT just because they hoard my mountain of books.

*stupid computer, I just want to watch Me Before You*

Before I get started, I would totally love for you all to tell me about your bookshelves! how many you have, if they are all in the same room, if you still have space or if you need MORE shelves….everything!

The Story of Ashley’s Shelves:

When I was in high school, I really didn’t read much. And when I did, they were just library books, or I had a small shelf with a few favorites. My love of books was nothing compared to my obsession with them now. Anyone else???

When I moved in with Nic, after we got engaged…I don’t know if it was all the downtime I had between us both working or what, but my passion ignited again, and BOOKS, books everywhere! mainly just library books, and then my kindle….but I spent a lot of time buying my old favorites. My grandma also gave me, and continues to give me a lot of books, which I still have, and will get to in future posts. ANYWAY, when Nic and I moved into together shortly after we got engaged, I definitely declared it not a home unless I had a shelf….so at first I had a little Walmart 3 shelf bookcase. And that prompted me to buy more books…..and then it was another little 3 shelf……and then it was a a taller Walmart book shelf….after we left the first house we lived in, I needed more space, but I literally had no where else to put shelves [that was not my favorite place to live…]….

SO, back in August of 2013, my [by then] husband took me to the hardware store for my birthday….SUPER romantic, right? I had been shopping around for bookshelves, and had found none that I had liked….and he had secretly taken measurements of the space where he was going to put my future bookshelf….and that lovely man of mine spent 100 dollars on wood, AND BUILT ME a 7 shelf, floor to ceiling bookcase. I was in absolute love! its not ‘beautiful’, by any means, its rough, but man, it is by far the best thing anyone has ever made for me. And you know what? He built me an identical one for Christmas that year. So now I have 2 very big bookcases with 12 amazing shelves. LOVE THEM, so much, you have no idea! Sadly though…..over the years, I’ve taken those empty shelves as a challenge to fill them, so 10 of the 12 are definitely full. I think I will be requesting another birthday or Christmas or anniversary gift in the next year.

Last time I counted I had 450ish books….but I’ve gotten rid of books, and I’ve bought more books over the years since I last updated my goodreads ‘shelves’….So, I am just about as excited about these upcoming posts as you all are, maybe more so *laughs*.

I genuinely hope you are all interested in these posts. And definitely feel free to interact with me over in the comments! I am a big talker. Seeing as it is Wednesday, I will probably make this a Wednesday post, BUT, Part One may be sooner, just to get the ball rolling!


Current Read:
City of Lost Souls [392/534]
MacKenzie Fire [31/342]

Currently Listening:
TO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING *grumble grumble*



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