Fairwell to the Prince and the Thief


I mean, how do you really express your love for this series without sounding like a babbling mess? I absolutely ADORE Schwab’s writing, and after reading this series I want to read A Savage Song even more.
The world building in this series never fails to be anything short of breathtaking. Even the tiniest details can come back later and turn into something huge and I love that.
Kell and Lila are among some of my absolute favorite protagonists ever, and watching them grow and develop over the course of this trilogy was incredible. 
And the supporting characters are just as amazing and you can’t help but love them all in their own way, even the villains. 
I don’t want to say too much plot-wise for fear of spoiling anyone who hasn’t finished this yet, especially since it only came out a few weeks ago. 
But I will say that a lot happened. Be prepared for death and destruction and everything else that usually accompanies the end of a trilogy or series.
Schwab wrote yet another brilliant book and I’m so in love with this world.



Currently Reading:

Feed- page 150

Three Dark Crowns (just picked it up)

Endgame (buddy read with boyfriend)- page 155 


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