Weekly Progress & Goals [9]

Every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on what I read the previous week, and how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

I finished Wintersong about 2 hours after I posted my WP&G [8] post last weekend. IT WAS SO GOOD. AND THAT ENDING, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I highly recommend it!

I then decided to try this….random, self published modern day beauty and the beast book, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I couldn’t do it. It was too lame – like really bad fanfiction.

So I THEN decided to start The Bone Season, which my friend has really hyped up to me. I am actually still reading it though, because I am not actually reading it, I am listening to it. Sometimes Kindle Unlimited offers audio and this was one of those times. It isn’t bad, I am enjoying it, and I am really liking the narrators voice. Its hard finding the time to listen to it though, so out of the 5 days or so I’ve had it going, I’ve maybe listened to it for 2 hours total. I’d be listening to it now if I had the time, but I probably won’t even be writing this in one go….Nic is giving L a bath, but then he is off to bed, so this probably won’t be posted until tomorrow.

I also spent the week starting challenge 4 of the #TACKLEYOURLIBRARYCHALLENGE17 reading challenge! Super proud of myself. I haven’t decided when I am starting challenge 5 yet, but it’ll be soon. I didn’t really like The Infinite Sea…..I wasn’t a huge fan of the 5th Wave, but TIS was just, drastically different, and I liked it less. I doubt I will ever read book 3.

I wouldn’t really say I read a lot this week…..the cable box has been acting up, so I spent the majority of the week watching up on shows. I haven’t seen my dvr this empty since we first got it! So now I just need to keep up with everything so that when we go get a new one this week I will have watched everything. AND then I have to track down all my shows and set them to record. lame. Electronics are a huge love/hate relationship.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Nothing major happened yesterday…I had to wake up early [after going to bed super late] to take my in laws to the airport….but then I came home and was lazy with L all day. Today…I went to bed even LATER because the clock change threw me off, but L slept in, so I woke up around noon. When Nic got home, I went and hung out with @alaskanbookventures [over on IG]! It was nice getting out of the house. She showed me all her photography stuff, so I think I am going to have to buy a speedlight and trigger thing for my camera. HER ACCOUNT IS GOALS IF YOU HAVE NOT CHECKED IT OUT YET!!!!

Huh, maybe I will write this in one go… okay, just a quick list of this week hopefuls, but I don’t really forsee me having a ton of reading time. I am going to my mothers tomorrow so she can see L, and then he has a DR appt on Tuesday and Nic has Thursday and Friday off, so we have errands and shopping to do.

This week, I want to:

FINISH The Bone Season
READ Breathe [challenge 5]
READ Crystal Crowned [last book in the Air Awakens series]

Annnnnnnnd, I think that is it!

What is everyone else wanting to finish/read this week??

Just a quick reminder that April’s photo challenge is going to be different. It will STILL be song titles, but I will have a guest co host! So be on the lookout for that. I am just reviewing my choices this week, and will write up the challenge on here when I have all the songs. I am really excited about it guys, hope you are too!

OKAY, short today, sorry! have a great week everyone, and I will try to write again in a few days.


current reads:
The Bone Season [108/466]

current song:
nothing, for once! listening to my son coo *awww*


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