Weekly Goals & Progress [8]

Every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on what I read the previous week, and how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

It is kind of crazy that this is the EIGHTH Sunday that I’ve written these. ALTHOUGH, it is actually almost Monday, because I got entirely too distracted today.

This was the worst reading week for me, seriously guys! no joke! I think I read 1 whole book. Yikes.

So Sunday [7] I was working at finishing Red Rising and Wintersong.

I have FINISHED Red Rising, and even though Lauren loved it, [see: All For the Martyr ], I really couldn’t get past the language that I talked about in my Sunday 7 posting. I did make it through, and I thought the world was interesting. I thought the story line was pretty cool and unique, but the language kind of ruined it for me enough to not want to pick up Golden Son any time soon.

I have NOT finished WINTERSONG. It has been a current read since FEBRUARY 23…..but, in reality, I have only picked it up to read two different times within that time frame. I had buddy reads to do, so when I had a day of not being able to read, I had to pick the buddy reads at night when my son would actually let me read. IT IS SO GOOD THOUGH, it really is. I am determined to finish it, and soon! Maybe even tonight once this is posted if my husband lets me read, because I swear, my son was asleep and as SOON as I sat down to write this and as soon as he sat down to play his video game L woke up. OF COURSE. So now it kind of depends on which one of us caves into his crying first, hahaha. Does this make me a bad parent? Ehhh….Don’t answer that.

The only book I have actually been able to pick up and read totally this week was my reread of City of Glass. It is still my favorite book of the bunch, but I really do think this may be the last time I can read through these books and still like them.

I also decided to continue on in the Air Awakens series, because, I wanted too, and it really is much easier to read kindle books sometimes. I fell behind in that too though. It really was a lousy reading week. I am more than halfway through that now, so I am hoping to finish that soon too. I am not finding it, Waters Wrath, to be as awesome as the previous 3 books, but it HAS picked up, and I am enjoying it a lot more.

I think I will make it easy on myself this week…..

FINISH Wintersong
FINISH Waters Wrath

START Crystal Crowned [Air Awakens 5]
START my challenge 4 pick: The Infinite Sea

Sounds simple enough, yes? One can hope…..

This week is pretty clear as far as I can remember….I know today [since it is now AFTER Midnight…] that we need to go to the store. I also know that tomorrow [Tuesday], I am MOST LIKELY getting together with my new friend Liz to talk photography! Hopefully it happens, because I am really stoked about it! To better get to know my camera, AND to possibly have a friend here in town. My 2 best friends have moved in the past few years, so other than my SIL [the one I can stand…] and my husband, I really don’t get a whole lot of interaction with people, and I hardly ever get to hang out with anyone who I am not related to. So other than those two days, I really hope to get back to major reading mode.

SO, I know last week I announced that I was all excited about doing that talk it up Tuesday thing, but other than the one post I DID do, it didn’t gain the attention I had hoped, and then when I saw someone BASICALLY start doing the same thing, and actually succeed at doing it, I kind of decided it was a no go…so I deleted all posts about it to keep from further embarrassing myself. So if you were wondering about that, there you go. Sorry to anyone who was actually looking forward to it! I’ve just kind of learned to stop making the effort for things that will probably just stress me out. It was a good idea though, so if anyone wanted to pick it up and make it their own, you have my blessing.

As I am sitting here……I really don’t know what else to say…..I am going to be getting song titles together soon for the April photo challenge. AND a quick announcement, I will actually have a CO HOST for April’s challenge, so be on the look out for more on that. It hadn’t occurred to me to have someone help me, but hey! if you want to volunteer, we can become better acquainted AND I will have slightly more time to read, haha.

OKAY, well, I think I am done for this week. Sorry! Maybe If I can think of anything, I’ll write a midweek progress report, haha. I hope everyone has an amazing week! and get lots of reading in 🙂

Is there anything you’re most looking forward to finishing/reading this week? let me know in the comments!!


Current Reads:
WinterSong [209/436]
Waters Wrath [78%]

Current Song:
In My Arms [Tenth Avenue North]



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