All For the Martyr 


As you may or may not know, Ash and I read this sorta together as our 3rd challenge book. Ash did not enjoy it like I did, so I’m sorry Ash!! ❤ But, here’s my review for Red Rising by Pierce Brown.


Because my first review of this book was beyond terrible, here I go again. 
I cannot begin to explain my love for this story. Brown does not hold back when it comes to exploiting all of life’s hardships and showing that time and time again, life throws you curve balls and no matter how hard you hit rock bottom, there’s always something more that life can take from you.
This is not a happy book. It’s brutal and ruthless and if you want something that will make you smile for any measure of time, this isn’t it.
Darrow is such a kickass hero and I absolutely love his progression, though, again, it’s all hardship. He only progresses because life continues to deal him bad cards when all he really wants is to avenge his wife.
Parts of this book are like hunger games but so much worse and it’s mind-boggling. 
I love the setting, I love the writing, I love the world building and the unique characters. I cannot wait to read the next book!! 



Currently Reading:

Endgame (buddy read with boyfriend)- page 155

Island of Exiles- just started 

A Conjuring of Light- page 200



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