Weekly Goals & Progress [7]

Every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on what I read the previous week, and how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

I would like to think this week was pretty productive! More so than the week before, at the very least. I felt like I got a lot of reading done, but since I merely finish a book and start the next one without really keeping track….I never know for sure how I did that week until Sunday when I write these and list all the books I read.

Last Sunday I was finishing up Fire Falling. Since then, I have read, or at least started to read 4 books. Which is better than the 3 books I started and the 1 I actually finished LAST week.

Last Sunday I finished reading Fire Falling – not too long after finishing my Sunday report. I then decided to read book 3, Earths End, and it was great! I actually wasn’t going to read it just then, but by the end of Fire Falling, I HAD to start it. I was going to start Waters Wrath [book 4] after that, but I told myself to read the books I told myself I was going to read. So I finally read Scythe. AND IT WAS SO GOOD YOU GUYS!!! Read it. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to read it. I am going to slowly die until book two is released in November. I don’t even have it anymore! haha, my SIL showed up here Wednesday and I shoved it in her face and told her to read it. IDK when I’ll see it again, but she is an avid reader like myself, so I know she will take care of it.

After finished Scythe, I IMMEDIATELY jumped into Wintersong, because Liz [AlaskanBookVentures over on IG] told me toooooo, and I am loving it, but I have not gotten to read past page 60. I’ve picked it up a number of times, but even though L is fast asleep, its like AS SOON as Wintersong opens…..he is wide awake and fussing. I have been able to read just about every other book, but for some reason he knows I really want to read that one, so he won’t let me. I HOPE I can read it soon! The writing is beautiful, I seriously fell in love just reading the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT at the beginning. I want to read so badly. I won’t be able to read it tonight though. L wouldn’t let me read at all yesterday, so I fell behind in my buddy read of Red Rising with Lauren.

I am hardly even done with YESTERDAY’s reading, because today was busy so I was only able to read for a few minutes. So far………….I had high hopes, but I am not really getting into it….I think I would enjoy it a lot more if the words weren’t so vulgar. I am all for blood and gore, but for some reason sentences like:

Go slag yourself,” the small kid says. In half a second, Julian has drawn a white glove from nowhere. “That to wipe my ass, you golden pricklick?” “What? ….who raised you?” “Wolves, after your mother’s cooch spat me out”…….

REALLY irk me. And that really isn’t the worst of it, and I am only on page 124 of 382. It is hard to stay focused. I’ve noticed slang and vulgarity like that is a common theme with male authors, and so, I actually am not a fan of male authors. I will finish this one, because it is part of the reading challenge I created, buuuuut, unless this book turns into something spectacular and makes me forget the vulgarities, I probably won’t be reading book two, which is a shame since I own it.

My goals this week are to finish both Wintersong, and Red Rising. That is a good place to start. HOPEFULLY by the end of the month in 2 days, but we shall see.

I also really want to read Waters Wrath, AND then finish out the series by reading Crystal Crowned. The Air Awakens series is so goooooooood! If you haven’t read it, you really should! I bought the first one months ago, but have been able to read the rest through the Kindle Unlimited program. So if I can find the time to continue that series, I really want to.

Once I am done with Red Rising, I am going to start Challenge 4 of the reading challenge. If you want to know more about, or need a refresher on our reading challenge please take a look at the original post here. Lauren and I will probably be carrying on with our buddy read of the Mortal Instrument books once Red Rising is over….which means CITY OF GLASS is next. I may be pretty over the series now, but COG is my favorite, so I look forward to that reread. We will then be halfway done with the series, so, we should be able to start Challenge 6 [Lady Midnight] without much waiting after we both get through 4 & 5.

So, this week, if anything, I need to finish the 2 books I am currently working on. If I can at least start [and finish] a couple of the other above mentioned books, I will be quite happy.

This year is going really great reading wise! Last year I barely made it through 100 books, not including the many I picked up and put down because I couldn’t get into them. 2016 was not a reading year for me. RL was pretty busy, between pregnancy and having many health issues, and then having our little L and being a mom and moving….reading was definitely not even close to being a priority. I feel better this year, I feel more myself. I still struggle with trying to find time to read, but so far in 2017, I have finished 22 books, and am currently working on 23 & 24. I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 65 books, but I may have to up it to my usual 100+.

How many books has everyone read this year? and what did you set your reading goal to? is it on Goodreads, or do you have a personal goal for yourself and are keeping track another way? How do you keep track of all the books you’ve read, or are reading?

I have a bulletin board here at home. YES, I am keeping track on goodreads, but I also have a bulletin board that I’ve mentioned on here before. Its fun to keep track that way. Every month, or at least for January, and what will be happening at the end of each month, I have paper clipped the books read that month together and set them aside. All the categories are color coded [owned but unread books, kindle books, books I bought this year, and rereads]. It will be fun to see what category is the biggest at the end of the year.

I think I mentioned last Sunday that I was going out to dinner with Liz, WHICH DID HAPPEN! and it was so fun. I am really looking forward to future hang outs with her. She is seriously so sweet and kind, and her man and mine seemed to really hit it off. PLUS she loves L. For some reason I have never met an adult who did NOT have children that actually liked children…..so, it was really nice to see that she is very baby friendly, siiiiince you know, my L is in fact a baby, and will continue to be a baby for quite some time. [He just surpassed 6 months]. We went to this really yummy Pho place that I hadn’t even heard of before. SO GOOD. I love food. I think Italian is next, whenever we get together again for food. LIZ IS A PHOTOGRAPHER. Not just a person who takes pictures of books, but an actual photographer, and she offered to help me better understand the camera I got for Christmas, I am seriously so stoked! We had a conversation last week on photography stuff, and we seriously talked for hours, it was great. I can’t wait to see all her stuff in person.

*Sigh*, I had hoped to write more, buuuuuut, speaking of Mr. L…..he is being fussy, and I don’t think my husband can quite handle these situations, haha. He just wants his mommy. SO! I will leave this here. I will be posting Wednesday or Thursday recapping all that I read this month, so be on the lookout for it!

OH YEAH, don’t forget the March Challenge is UP and starting THIS WEDNESDAY. Go check it out. You don’t want to miss out!


Current Reads:
Wintersong [60/436]
Red Rising [124/382]

Current Song:
Marry Me [Train]
awwwww, I walked down the aisle to this song. It always makes me tear up. This August will be 6 amazing years already. So crazy to think about!



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