Weekly Progress & Goals [6]

Every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on what I read the previous week, and how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

I am seriously having issues remember things today. Wow! Before I started typing just now, I spent 5 minutes even trying to figure out what all went on this week. Not much reading! that I can remember. According to Colleen [@thesaggingbookshelf], one of my newest friends, and fellow Alaskan….its called “mom brain”, and I have it…BAD.

This week, I tried tackling 3 books. I DID finish City of Ashes, I DID NOT finish Playboy Pilot, and I am still working on Fire Falling….but hopefully I will be done by tonight.

I am actually kind of over the TMI books. I think I have mentioned before, but I’ve read the first 5 books about 4 times each, or it IS my fourth time reading them. I think you can only reread some books so many times. I will prevail! I want to be up to speed before we hit challenge 6, which is Lady Midnight.

Playboy Pilot………It has been a REALLY long time since I’ve wanted to read anything with sex scenes, the ones I have read over the past year, I’ve basically skipped those parts because they were just kind of lame…..SO, I FINALLY decide I actually want to read a sexy NA book……..AND IT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I WANT. Was there sex? Yeah, later on…..I DNF’d before then. What do you assume when you see a title like PLAYBOY Pilot? that its going to be hot, and the pilot is going to be cocky as hell and swoon worthy, NO….this shit was all insta-love and lovey dovey, and yeah, no thanks. I’ve noticed that with me, Penelope Ward is extremely hit or miss. I LOVED Stepbrother Dearest, and I LOOOOVED Cocky Bastard…..but I have DNF’d anything else by her that I’ve picked up, except for one, and I probably would have DNF’d that one too if it had occurred to me that I could. Extremely disappointing.

Fire Falling….is just as good, if not better than Air Awakens! I am loving it so much, and I am mentally kicking myself for not having made time to read more this week. I’ll explain in a little bit what kept me from reading. BUT SERIOUSLY, If you haven’t read Air Awakens, or if you read Air Awakens and never read on in the series DO IT!!!!

I am not really sure what I am hoping to read this week…..I want to finish Fire Falling for sure, I am at about 75%, so I just need to read my butt off while I can after this posting [since daddy is on baby duty], and I should have it done.

I don’t know why I haven’t added in book hauls before now, I HAVE bought books this year…..so I will, starting now! I got book mail this week!! I ordered RoseBlood, Wintersong, & Caraval! I am sooooooooooooo excited for all three of these books. The usual story is, I am excited for books, I buy books….and they sit there for weeks….months….YEARS….usually years…..and THEN I will read them. Very rarely do I buy a book and read it right away. I WANT TO READ WINTERSONG SO BADLY. My OTHER newest friend, AND fellow Alaskan, Liz [@alaskanbookventures] just finished Wintersong, and is singing her praises, so I think I might put Scythe on hold [again….I’ve been meaning to start it all week], and pick that one up instead.

Other books I have bought so far this year:
Carve the Mark
Warrior Witch
Rebel Spring
Stone Cold Touch
Every Last Breath

A Darker Shade of Magic [kindle]
The Dark Days Club [Kindle]
Last Stand [Kindle]

Annnnnnd, I think that might be it….so far. That isn’t too bad for it being almost March, right? The Kindle books WERE on sale though…..so, there is that.

So, again, this week……………
Finish Fire Falling [say that 10 times fast]
HOPEFULLY start Challenge 3, I’ve been waiting for Lauren to catch up, but I really want to read it….I think that is why I fell behind on books…..I really just want to work on the challenge reads.

[okay, before I continue that, I just want to say that everything above this was written FOUR FREAKING HOURS AGO……………….so, now I’ve lost steam, and rereading this didn’t help, so I have no idea what else I wanted to say……..]

Okay, finish Fire Falling……Maybe start Red Rising [and finish]
I really do want to read Scythe, so if I don’t read Wintersong, I will be reading Scythe. And it just depends on Lauren, but MAYBE City of Glass – it is my favorite of the TMI books.

And I think that will be it for goals….I am really not sure what is going on this week.

This week was pretty interesting!! A couple different nights I had awesome conversations with the 2 lovely ladies up above, and Erin [@erins_library], who I met not too long ago, AND her sister Stephanie [@thebookishbeaver], we Alaskans had a pretty awesome time! and have decided to start using both #alaskanreader and #bookstagramalaska in our photos. WE WOULD REALLY LOVE TO FIND MORE ALASKAN BOOK ACCOUNTS, SO IF ANYONE KNOWS OF ANYONE…..

It has really been great getting to meet people that love books as much as I do. I met Erin a couple weeks ago, and my husband and I actually have a date with Liz and her man since we pretty much just live down the street from each other. Hopefully our online friendship transfers over into our real life friendship.

And I of course have introduced Erin and Liz to my bestestestest friend Lauren [@bookschief_managed], and that is also awesome. Its funny how one thing in common can form awesome friendships.

So I came up with this really great idea, or at least I’d like for it to be a great idea. I mentioned it in my last blog post, sooooo, if you haven’t seen it yet, please do click the link below and give it a look, and feedback! feedback is always welcome. I am really excited for it to take bloom…..so, yeah, hopefully it does.

ASHLEY’S GREAT IDEA —-> Talk It Up Tuesday [opener]

OKAY, so, I wasn’t going to say anything……because I feel like I bitch about a lot of things already on here…..but this has been a really big issue, and I won’t name names…..but SOMEONE VERY SPECIFIC……has decided that she has a sense of entitlement when it comes to followers. She has decided that because she has xK amount of followers that it is OKAY to bitch at her followers, it is OKAY to ignore people, it is OKAY to be standoffish and bitchy to someone merely trying to reply to stories or posts or to try to talk to her, it is OKAY to brag, and LIE, yes, shes been caught in lies….all she does is hate, and hate some more. She is incredibly negative, and I have never seen someone attack her followers in such a way. AND THEN, and then she goes crying to her other followers, because people are “being mean” and messaging such “hateful” things…..WELL, if you treat your followers like they are just a number, OR WORSE, like total shit, and you act like you are a god on a fucking pedestal, then yes, people are not always going to take kindly to this. I MERELY unfollowed, I did NOTHING, I just unfollowed and she blocked me. My FRIEND messaged her MERELY stating that maybe if she tried harder to interact with people, and she didn’t take people unfollowing her so personally, maybe it would help her in not feeling so hurt all the time AND SHE ATTACKED MY FRIEND. Like, who does that? I saw the messages, I know that I, personally, can be a bitch, but there was absolutely nothing but honesty and my friend innocently trying to help in those messages and yeah, she was attacked….and then she, the other person, mentioned it in stories. LIKE A FUCKING CHILD…..even though she is my age, or at least close to it.

SO unacceptable. I am totally embarrassed for her. And I feel bad for ANYONE who honestly believes that it is okay behavior. Because it isn’t, far from it.

To anyone reading this….Treat your followers fairly. Treat them with respect, and remember that you had to WORK to get where you are, as have they. Remember to show a more positive attitude, and to not let something as silly as a NUMBER change you, and make you less than what your followers AND yourself deserve. In the end….you’re taking photos to show off, and making friends. Lets not keep negative people in our lives for just a number, or just to be a number to someone else. For every unfollower, there are 10 more to come. Yes, we are only human, but that doesn’t give you the right to be so cold hearted and hurtful. Being disappointed in something, or yes, even someone is perfectly acceptable. It is how you deal with it that shows the difference between humanity and just plain hatefulness.

I have more to say on the subject, but I will keep it to myself. Thank you to everyone who read this, and I am sorry if I have offended anyone with my language….or with anything else. I got caught up in the moment. Letting it out helped a lot.

Wow, sorry! I did not mean to get so deep, but I do not apologize for saying something that I mean, and believe in. On a lighter note, If you missed it….I posted my March photo challenge and it would be totally awesome if you would go give it a look. I had so much fun making both this and the February challenges, and I’ve had a ton of fun with the February challenge so far, so I have all the faith in the world that March will be just as fun.

March Photo Challenge —-> March Photo Challenge

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I think I am done with this post….I think almost 1800 works is plenty. Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and I will be back Tuesday with my #TALKITUPTUESDAY17 posting.


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Fire Falling [76%]

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One Hundred Years [5 For Fighting]


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