Weekly Progress & Goals [5]

Every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

This week was about as unproductive as last week was productive. I wouldn’t say it was a reading slump, I just got busy. I did manage to get some in though, and I at least finished a book.

Last week I was reading “Anything You Can Do” by RS Grey. I finished it not too long after that post. I then set about starting my reread of City of Bones…..but then Monday rolled around and Rachel Carters “Last Stand” was delivered early. I, of course, had to start it right then and there. I fell quite behind! I got busy this week and…..I was hoping it would be absolutely amazing and so “unputdownable” buuuuut it started out way slow. It picked up though, and starting around 35% it did become unputdownable, I finished it about 130 this morning. I finished City of Bones on Friday. I actually didn’t find myself liking it as much as I use to. To me, there are books I can only read once…..there are books I can reread a few times, but come to dislike them…..and then there are books I can sit down and read over and over…..this book falls into the second category now, and I will probably find that the rest of the series will soon follow.

I think I will keep things simple this week…

Since we finished City of Bones, it is time for my reread of City of Ashes with Lauren! so I will be reading that this week.
And, I might sit down and read Scythe – which I’ve been eyeing since I bought it at the end of last year [2016].

If I can read more, awesome….if not….whatever. What book do you hope to finish/read this week? Tell me down in the comments! I’d love to know.

SO! The best thing happened Friday!! I had my first bookstagram date! I met the amazing @erins_library and shes so nice! We had a really good time. She is in visiting from our states capital, so, of course we had to meet up! We didn’t have a ton of time, so we had a coffee date at Barnes and Noble…because where else do two bookworms meet? surprisingly enough – neither of us bought books….but we did walk around. It is actually a lot more fun to talk about books when you’re in a bookstore, haha. We are hoping when she comes back again we can get the other awesome Alaskan @alaskanbookventures in on the fun! If you aren’t following these lovely ladies already, you’re seriously missing out. Go show them some love!

Have you ever gotten the chance to meet any of your social media friends? Is there anyone on IG that you talk to all the time and would totally love to meet? I have a few, unfortunately, I don’t travel much, but its nice to dream!

I have finished writing up my March Photo Challenge! I think I will post it here on the blog in the next day or two…..see how I like the challenges, and their order and then make changes or post it over on IG. I’d love your feedback!! I feel like it might be too similar to the one currently happening, so if it does seem that way, please let me know! or if there’s any songs you want to see featured, let me know that too!

Speaking of photos, I need to take some more! I have some on my phone for my February challenge, but I don’t really have any extras that I can just post whenever. I think the only photo I take on weekends anymore is my #socksunday post, and that is only because I forget to during the week. Does anyone else go put socks on JUST to take their sock Sunday photo? I hate socks, which is lame because I am always complaining about being cold.

How do you prepare for bookstagram? Do you do photos daily…? do you write up lists and try to get photos all in one go? split them? When I used my phone I did it as needed. And then I started thinking ahead and taking a few. When I have no inspiration I go see what my longest tag list is and take photos based on those. Photo challenges have totally helped though! But I use my camera now, and I have a son….so, everything has to be pretty planned out even before my camera and background are arranged. I look at what photos I want to take [tags list, or photo challenges], I gather the books, make sure the memory card and all my photo stuff are in the bag, run it upstairs, wait until my son is occupied, go set it up, and when he is asleep I take what photos I can, haha. It is a very fun and exciting life I lead.

How was everyone’s week? My day to day was pretty typical….Stay at home mom, my son will be 6 months old this week. Its insane to think of him already being half a year old. I don’t really go out, if I go out its usually with my husband and its to the store. We did go out to lunch this past week….it was really nice spending time together as a family. I feel like we don’t get to do that often. My Friday morning was spent being mommy, and then my afternoon was spent with Erin. THURSDAY night, I had my first girls night out since early DECEMBER! and that was actually also the first time I’ve driven a car in just as long, haha. I went to see Fifty Shades Darker with my sister in law [my best friend here since my non related friends have moved and/or had families]. and her sister, and like 5 of their friends, a few who I have gotten to know the last few years. The movie was really good people! SO much better than the first one. I actually really want to go see it again, haha. I probably won’t ever read the books again, but the movies are entertaining. I really want to see Freed!!! like, can it just come out now? waiting sucks.

Who has seen it!? what did you think?????

Well, I think that is all the news and updates I have to share right now. My husband is upstairs with the little one, so I think I might lay down and take a nap before dinner. I hope everyone is well!! Have a great week


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City of Ashes [18/490]

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