Weekly Progress & Goals [4]

Every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

Are you ready for the Super Bowl?

Just kidding. I don’t like football. The game IS on though….so I know what everyone is talking about for the next week. I am not a sports person, and neither is my husband [YAY!].

This week was actually REALLY productive! I am so proud of myself guys. SO proud!

I finished:
1. The Longest Ride – AND IT WAS FANTASTIC. I love that book so much. I want to marry it. It was so different from the movie, which I loved….and usually I love one over the other, especially when they are that much different from each other, but I loved them both in their own ways. READ THE BOOK. It is probably the best thing by Sparks that I’ve read. This also led me to complete Challenge Two of our #TACKLEYOURLIBRARYCHALLENGE17 [Link near bottom]
2. Air Awakens – I really liked this one. The beginning really pulled me in, the middle….had its slow parts, but by the end I was in love with it again. LUCKILY….Amazon has the series on Kindle Unlimited, so I can read them for free. YES!

I reread:
1. Cinder and Ella. I FINALLY GOT TO REREAD IT. It was the first book I started for February, and I read it in about 4 hours. I literally stayed up until 430 AM to read it. I’ve read it a few times, but I just love it so much. I laugh at all the same parts, I tear up and cry at all the same parts…it is a great read and I totally recommend it!
2) Black Mage: First Year
3) Black Mage: Apprentice
4) Black Mage: Candidate – I wasn’t planning on rereading these at all, but the fourth and FINAL book comes out on Tuesday, and I decided on a whim to reread them. I love these books….But I will write about these in my next post.

I started:
1) Anything You Can Do – I love RS Grey. I’ve read…..about 6 of her books, and I think there was only one that I wouldn’t read again. She never fails. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I started this book. I am not very far in, but I am already sucked in! I plan on jumping immediately back into it once this post is complete. I will most likely have it done today.

AND NO DNF’S!!! YAY! So, if I finish this current read, I will have read 5 books, plus half or more of 2 others. Like I said, proud of myself!!!

I also got photos taken! I have been in a photo taking slump, and have had no desire to take any. I found a new place for photos though, and I think that really helped. The feedback so far has been amazing, so I think I will definitely stick with it for now. My husband has Tuesday and Wednesday off this week, meaning, hopefully I can squeeze some camera time in.

Speaking of photos, my February photo challenge is going great! Thanks to everyone who has been participating. It really means so much to me when something I worked hard on is appreciated. I am going to be sitting down this week to pick songs for the March photo challenge, so if you have any recommendations, leave it in the comments!

Annnnnd speaking of IG, if you missed my last post, you will see that I discontinued the “9 under 700” shoutouts. I won’t go into it again, but thank you to everyone who had such nice things to say! I want you to know that I appreciate you all so much! and it is so nice having such awesome people in my [internet] life.

I won’t be too hard on myself….my weekly goals for reading are:

  1. finish Anything You Can Do
  2. read Last Stand when it comes out on Tuesday
  3. start my annual reread of City of Bones with Lauren
  4. and either start challenge 3, or start the 2nd air awakens book

Shouldn’t be so hard!

I also want to take photos, and have my March photo challenge figured out, if not completed and on the blog. My week is going to be cut short a little though. I am most active online at night, but THURSDAY night me and my sister in law and her sister are doing our girls night. We are going to go see Fifty Shades Darker. I am excited. As cheesy as I thought the first movie was, and as much as my husband and I laughed during it just a few weeks ago, the movies are actually entertaining and I enjoy them. I also love spending time with my SIL. Beauty and the Beast next month!

February Photo Challenge —-> February Photo Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge —–> 2017 Reading Challenge

Well, I think that is all for now. I thought I had something else to talk about, but I can’t remember now. Back to the game, I suppose. And more food…..my husband made 7 layer bean dip, and its amazing. Hope you all had a great weekend, and have an awesome week!


Current Read:
Anything You Can Do [14%]

Currently Listening:
Super Bowl LI


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