9 under 700

When I started this, I genuinely just wanted to help people get followers. And for the most part I have enjoyed it. I’ve never asked for anything in return, but a little gratitude goes a long way.

As much as I’ve enjoyed doing my Wednesday shoutouts, I’ve also become disheartened every time I’ve done them. Only one person knew this, but now it’s here. I don’t expect shoutouts. I don’t expect us to be best friends or whatever….but if you can’t even say thank you for something nice done for you, then yes, I find it upsetting. And every time people thank “everyone”, and I’m not mentioned, it’s also kind of upsetting. I love doing it, and no, I don’t expect anything in return, but I feel this way anyway….

So, for the benefit of my healthy state of mind, I’ve decided that I will no longer be adding names to the list every time I get a new follower with under 700 followers. And I will probably not be doing a shoutout for everyone on the already existing list.

At first, I felt bad that I did so many and wouldn’t be able to do everyone….so I’ve continued doing it much longer than I wanted to. I never really had a time line, but I can’t do it forever. It’s become more of a chore than anything…so I hope you can all forgive me for not wanting to keep doing it.

I hope people won’t unfollow me for this decision, and I hope I helped at least some of you in the past. Thanks for reading!




  1. Aww people sometimes just take little things for granted, that’s sad but yeah you gotta move on when it doesn’t make you feel better. We can just thankful for those who are nice and supportive. I just admire you, you’re always so outspoken. You feel like helping others, you do it, you think something is irritating you, like tagging in giveaways or so, you say it. That’s something about you I really like. So continue being that way and if people can’t see good in it, its their loss, cause at the end of the day, you are not getting paid or something for doing this.
    Also by the way, hi I am pri_bibliophile from instagram incase you didn’t recognize me lol.
    ~Priyanka @ A Booklion’s Hideaway


  2. I’m so sorry to hear how ungrateful some people are! Just focus on all of the help that you’ve given the smaller accounts in the past πŸ™‚ do what feels better for you, Ashley. The less stress, the better! You’re a shining star and sucky followers won’t change that!


    • I just feel bad. There are so many more accounts I want to help, and there have definitely been people who have said thank you, and have been appreciative, but I seem to only be able to dwell on the people who simply like the posting they are featured in, or ignore it completely. And I just don’t like feeling that way about something that meant a lot to me. πŸ’š

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