I See London, I See… London Again.

img_1757Goodness. I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf for months now, and I’d been wanting to read it even longer than that. I don’t know why I ever continued to put this book off time and time again, it’ll definitely be something that I regret, because I already want to read this again and I only just picked the darn book up last week.

I cannot begin to explain how incredible this book was, the characters and the world that Schwab created were just absolutely beautiful and I loved every page of this book.

Not even halfway through this book I decided that I needed to order the second book because it’s just that good.

Kell is one of the most compelling, despite being flawed, characters that I’ve come across and boy did I enjoy him. And Lila. Ohhhh man, did I love Lila. And a kickass female character that aspires to be a pirate? Who will do anything to survive? Who’s stubborn as all hell?! Yeahhh, I love her.

And the whole idea of their being all these Londons in parallel worlds, where how we treat magic and its existence really defines the world is just so fascinating to me. Schwab did such a brilliant job sculpting each version of London and it’s absolutely stunning to witness.

Definitely picking up book 2.

Challenge book #1 officially completed!


currently reading: A Gathering of Shadows



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