Jan Wrap Up & Feb Challenge

I thought I would repost the link for my February photo challenge. Starts in a few hours, wow this month flew by fast!

February Photo Challenge

This month I started 10 books, and I was able to finish 8 of them!

  1. Illuminae – was a reread. 5/5 stars!
  2. Front Lines – Kindle book, for the most part it was okay. I may or may not read the sequel sometime. 3.5/5 stars!
  3. Gemina – I reread Illuminae so I could read this one. Thought it was equally insane, but in a totally different way than book one. I am excited for book 3! 4.75/5 stars!
  4. Six of Crows – my first challenge read! It wasn’t bad, but very overhyped, in my opinion. 4/5 Stars!
  5. Paper Princess – my first DNF of the year. I didn’t think it was awful, but it didn’t hold any interest for me. From reviews, I’ve gathered that this is a love or hate series. 2/5 Stars! [and yes, I do rate books I don’t finish]
  6. Crooked Kingdom – Figured since I didn’t absolutely love SoC enough to want to reread it in the future, I would just read CK and finish up challenge one completely. I liked it slightly more than book 1. 4/5 Stars!
  7. The Queen of the Tearling – I didn’t hate it, but I certainly didn’t love it either. It started out really slow, but I thought it had redeemed itself by the end. 3/5 Stars!
  8. The Invasion of the Tearling – I probably shouldn’t have started this one knowing I didn’t really like book one enough to read on in the trilogy. It probably would have been much more enjoyable if I had. 2nd DNF of the year. 2/5 Stars!
  9. The Longest Ride – my favorite read so far this year! I absolutely love this book, and probably could just sit here and go on and on about it. I won’t though. This was challenge two of mine and Lauren’s reading challenge. 6/5 Stars!
  10. Air Awakens – It immediately pulled me in! It had its slow parts, but overall, I really enjoyed it! 4/5 Stars!

Just knowing how lousy my reading was by the end of 2016, I am incredibly proud of myself for being able to get through as many as I did. I am excited to see how many I can get done in February! My next read is FINALLY rereading Cinder and Ella! Which will also be featured in my first photo of February, and the first book of my February photo challenge. I love that book so much, which is obvious since I’ve read it about 3 or 4 times. Have to read it now, BECAUSE THE SEQUEL COMES OUT IN 14 DAYS! I am so excited that she wrote a sequel. I need more Cinder and Ella in my life.

And although I am working at reading owned but unread books, I never actually told myself I wasn’t allowed to buy books…so when I ordered baby stuff for L, I also ordered myself book three of the Malediction trilogy. I’ve read 1 several times, and read book 2 when it came out, so I am excited to read more about Tristan….at some point. I also bought the 2nd book in the Falling Kingdom series….because I own book one [another Challenge read this year], and I have book three…..so I thought I should have book two. Buying will be at a minimum this year. Last year I bought books merely because everyone else was showing them off, and I haven’t touched many of them except for photos…..so I definitely want to work on reading my home library more than I want to add to it.

ANNNND, I bought a couple Kindle books…..because they were on sale, and therefore shouldn’t count against me…..
1. The Dark Days Club
2. and I preordered book four in Rachel Carters Black Mage series…

Well this is a short post tonight. I am going to go back to visiting with my husband and my son before I dive into Cinder and Ella.

How many books did you read in January? what were your favorite and least favorite reads?


Currently Reading:
Cinder and Ella [1/312]

Current Song:
Say Goodbye [Theory of a Deadman]


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