Weekly Progress & Goals [3]

I think every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

Sunday, here we are again. Since last Sunday, I have finished Crooked Kingdom, and managed to get through The Queen of the Tearling. Neither was amazing, nor were they horrible. TQotT seemed to redeem itself by the end, and I decided to just jump into book two, since I had bought them both on sale a few months back…..although the life of Kelsea, and the writing seemed unchanged, there were a couple of added elements from the first book…..I didn’t really like them. I was confused, so I read some reviews, and although they explained what was happening, I just couldn’t get over the confusion, so I DNF’d it. I think I’d be more excited about the changes if I had actually loved book one, but since I couldn’t get into it until near the end, I’m taking it as a loss. Definitely read it for yourselves though. I’ve heard its really good.

I am now on to challenge two of mine and Lauren’s 2017 reading challenge. Don’t know what I am talking about? check out this link ——> 2017 Reading Challenge
I am really excited to be making progress, even if it IS only the second book. I haven’t been able to read a lot the last few days. Honestly, the best reading nights/days I have are the days my husband isn’t working. He has tomorrow and Tuesday off, so I am hoping to get some serious reading done. I am reading The Longest Ride, challenge two of the above mentioned challenge. Contemporary! I am also reading Air Awakens, which I have heard nothing but good things about. I am really not far into either, but I am already loving them! I’ve read a ton of Sparks books, but I really can’t say I love any of them. I usually like the movies more. I love The Longest Ride the movie, buuuuuut I am actually reallly really enjoying the book, and reading all the parts that didn’t make it into the movie.If the pattern sticks, and I can get reading done while my husband has charge of the baby, then I can see myself finishing both of these books. I think I will take a nap first though. I haven’t been able to sleep…L is teething, and in general does not like naps. Although he sleeps through the night, he usually has me up until about 1 am, its been 2……and even 4 am the last few nights….err, MORNINGS. So sleep first, then reading!

I definitely hope to finish both of these books over the next few days. After that, I really DO want to reread Cinder and Ella, since I’ve been talking about rereading it the last two Sundays. The sequel comes out Valentines Day, and I want to be ready for it! Once Lauren completes challenges one and two, we will most likely be reading our Challenge Three pick together, since its the same book. I’ve heard good and not so good things about it, so I really hope I enjoy it! Especially since I have book two, haha. I hate buying all the books from a series because I am afraid the I won’t like the first book…..but I hate not having all the books in case I love the first one. #BookProblems. Anyone else???

SO! Goals:
Finish The Longest Ride
Finish Air Awakens
Read Cinder & Ella….
And I think because I’ve failed at the goals so far, I will leave it at that, maybe I won’t fail this week.

I also really need to take photos for IG, like, SO bad. I’ve been failing at that lately. I’m disappointed in myself. I use to be so on top of things, but I am seriously finding my living situation, and mommyhood impeding progress in the hobby department. My photo challenge starts on Wednesday, and I have few photos taken, or at least decided on. I think if I can get to my set goal for both reads tonight, I will spend time on photos tomorrow. The interest in my photo challenge has been lacking, but since I created it mostly for myself, it doesn’t bother me TOO badly. I’ve seen really great photo challenges popping up though, so its understandable.

Photo Challenge ——> February Photo Challenge

Speaking of IG…………..I am so completely disappointed in the hate I’ve been seeing everywhere. Yes, there are people who have no morals, and who steal photos……BUT, that does not give you the excuse to tell them to go off themselves. It does not give you the right to bully and torment them. Report and Block. If they are your photos, do what you will, but the hate I saw was from people who were not even affected by it. I don’t condone the behavior from either side. It is wrong to take photos that don’t belong to you. It is wrong to not credit the person who took the photos you decided to steal. BUT, it is also wrong to gang up on them, and then complain and show them hate when their friends attack you. You realize they are only doing what you’re doing to them, right? Just report and block. They will realize they aren’t getting the attention they want, and they will get bored and stop. And don’t even get me started on the bullshit politics. Hate and disagree all you want, but, President Trump IS our president. No amount of hate will change that. And ALSO, I am so tired of seeing politics in the book community. I want to enjoy books, not hear about how much hate you carry for people who love or hate Trump. Let us all get along. I won’t unfollow people for their political views, but man, some of the stuff I’ve been seeing…makes me wish I hated their photos so I’d have an excuse.

This week I did my first blog book tag. I thought it was hilarious, and so much fun to do. I did some research this week, and found a couple more ideas. Look for those over the next few weeks! They are definitely something I’d like to start implementing on the blog.

Check it out here if you missed it! ——> You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

Is there any that you’ve done, that you would love to see me do in the future? let me know! I want this blog to be less ranting, and more about interacting. Also, I know Lauren does some great reviews, do you mind that I do not do them, or would you like to see reviews from me as well?

Well I think I am going to take that much needed nap, and then get some reading in. Wish me luck! and Good Luck to everyone who has weekly goals they’d like to accomplish!


Currently Reading:
The Longest Ride [110/398]
Air Awakens [23/330]

Current Song:
I Loved You Then [33 Miles]

“I loved you then, I love you now – I will love you tomorrow.

When this world breaks you down, I will give you strength to stand
Look to me, take my hand and just believe
Before this day ever began, I loved you then”



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