Weekly Progress & Goals [2]

I think every Sunday, I am going to try to write an update on how my current reads are coming along, and what I hope to accomplish that week.

Since my last progress report, I finished Six of Crows, and DNF’d Paper Princess. I started Crooked Kingdom, and I started The Queen of the Tearling – BOTH which are taking forever for me to read. It may just be that I am horrible at juggling motherhood and reading, but I am also not finding either book to be very entertaining. I am going to try and read as much of both as I can today/tonight….and then start my Challenge 2 pick – The Longest Ride [Sparks].

This week, I would love to get all three of those books read [without dnf’ing], and would really love to reread Cinder and Ella. I feel like rereading a favorite book will help me get out of this vicious cycle of not enjoying anything I read.

I also want to take a step back from Bookstagram this week. I feel like a break, or at least a break from taking photos is in order. I posted my last challenge photo for the 2 challenges I was working through earlier today. I originally planned on finishing both of those challenges, but as I was posting YESTERDAY’s photo at like 1 AM this morning, I just….felt like I was stressing myself out for no reason. So a tiny break is what I need. I am going to work on reading, and taking photos for my February Challenge [see below for link]. Any photos I post this week are already on my phone.

Does anyone else ever feel like they need to step back, because they are doing far too much, and causing them self unnecessary stress? You shouldn’t stress yourselves over hobbies – just saying!

When I created the February Photo Challenge, I actually had no idea what books I’d be using. I picked random titles from my iPod…..I then went through and wrote down challenges for them, and then picked 28 from that list. I did, however, not have any books in mind when I made them….so as I was going through the challenges so I could start taking photos…I was absolutely stumped on a few. I am actually quite excited for this, haha, means the word CHALLENGE, will definitely come into play. Is anyone participating, or maybe doing another challenge? tell me below! Thank you!

2017 Reading Challenge —> 2017 Reading Challenge
February Photo Challenge —> February Photo Challenge

I have taken the advice from my last blog post, and have decided that I will probably only post once or twice through the week, and definitely post on Sundays. Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it.


Currently Reading:
Crooked Kingdom [186/536]
The Queen of the Tearling [254/629]

Current Song:
Reckless [Papa Roach]
“Thank god I’ve got a women with my name across her heart –
Loving me ain’t easy, loving me is hard
I’m sorry about the madness but that’s the way its gotta be
’cause it takes a crazy woman to love a reckless man like me”



  1. We all need to take a step back sometimes. I’m highly looking forward to your photo challenge. I used to love music so much. And this just entangles both pieces of my heart. I’m sorry the Queen of the Tearling and Crooked Kingdom were hard for you to get into. Both are on my TBR and part of this years challenges for me. We’ll have to chat when I finish them.


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