The Slump

I was really hoping to make this blog an every day thing. I’ve found that, that is actually quite impossible. I’ll write again soon…..but at the moment I am suffering from the dreaded slump. I can’t read, I can’t bring myself to take photos for Bookstagram, and I have nothing to write about. I am feeling really hopeless actually, and social media is not at all helping. I hope I can get out of this funk soon, and return to the place where I loved being surrounded by books, where I loved taking photos and where I loved writing.

I had this really long blog post before I deleted it. I want to delete this one too, actually……but I won’t.

Do you ever just….NEED to get something done, and even though you can still accomplish the task, just ONE thing is off, so you feel its nothing but impossible? that is with me and reading…..I pick a book up and can’t get comfortable, or I just KNOW my son will wake up/start crying, so I don’t even try to read. That is me with my photos….I miss my old picture taking place at my old house. I’ve been here for a few months and I hate it, I seriously hate being here….and that has made me not want to take photos. I use to stock up, then I’d always have something to post, but I find myself scrambling at the last minute to get a shot to post right then and there. I thought writing would be good….but I just don’t have much to write. I’d write reviews, but….since I can’t seem to finish books, that is a difficult task.

Anyone else feel like this? if not now, ever…? any advice for this depressed, hopeless person?

2017 Reading Challenge —-> 2017 Reading Challenge
February Photo Challenge —-> February Photo Challenge


Currently Reading:
Crooked Kingdom [105/536]
The Queen of the Tearling [160/629]

Current Song:
What Do You Do? [Papa Roach]
“Nobody ever taught me how to live
I’m feeling like I’m lost- like I’ll never be found
I’m twisted and I’m turned around
Nobody ever taught me how to love
I’m hurting everybody I’m hurting myself”



  1. Absolutely no need to do it every day. I know you have a little one and what I do because especially in the early days was schedule a task for each day to complete. Just one task each day. It might be vacuum, or clean the bathroom, or take some pictures but just focus on one task per day and then it isn’t so overwhelming. Trust me it gets so much better πŸ’™


  2. I can’t blog every day because of… well… life. But I try to blog and post on bookstagram once a week. We started out being a bookstagrammer and a blogger for fun, to share our thoughts with others. So we should enjoy doing this, not stressing ourselves out because of this.


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