In The Mind Of A Bookstagrammer

I’ve had this “blog idea” stuck in my head, so I will go with it, sorry if its rough….This is not meant to come off as mean, as rude, as hateful, as arrogant….not in the least bit. This is to help people understand how I sort of….pick and choose who I am following on Instagram, and why I even unfollow people.

That being said, I wouldn’t say EVERYONE thinks like this, but, maybe some of the following “tips” can help you with your own BG.

When someone follows me….I look at ALL accounts. And this does not mean I won’t follow accounts that some of the stuff below pertains to, BUT I have found that I tend to stay away from:

Accounts that are private – I use to follow anyone who CLAIMED to be a bookstagram, and I would follow private accounts…..and they may have LIKED books, but they did not post any sort of bookish photos, so I would unfollow them.

Accounts that use different filters – I use to use different filters, I used to pick and choose which one looked best for every photo I posted….but looking at the bigger picture, it just all looked weird when it came down to it.

Accounts with different backgroundsSO, say you use 10 backgrounds but they are repeated in your photos….THAT is fine, I don’t necessarily care about the background itself….BUT if you use a different background for every single photo…..I most likely won’t follow you. Not because I think it looks messy, or bad….but because in my experience, accounts that lack a “theme” tend to be stealing those photos from other people. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to go track down accounts to tell them someone stole their photos. Its a problem, and its wrong.

Accounts with SOME books and a lot of personal/internet photos – I don’t think I need to go into great length on why I do not follow these accounts. I am on Bookstagram for BOOK photos. Accounts that are filled with pictures they stole off the internet are not worth my time, and I don’t think they should exist. Join Pinterest if you want to post photos someone else made. I love seeing what people do in their day to day, and it is fun sharing with people my life, BUT that’s why I have a personal account. I don’t mean to sound like a bitch, buuuut, like I said, I am there for the books, I don’t really care what you ate for breakfast, lunch AND dinner…..

Accounts with a million followers and who are following like 10 people – I JUST posted about this over on IG. This is becoming a problem. There are people who are giving Bookstagram a horrible reputation. I have been noticing that those with huge follower/small following numbers are serial follower/unfollowers. MEANING, they will follow you, and keep following you until you follow them, and then they will unfollow you and hope you do not notice or care. That way, they can get you as a number, but not have to add to their ‘following’ number. And because people feel the need to do this, which I still haven’t figured out why….Other accounts are suffering. People have actually asked me if I am going to unfollow them if they follow me back, simply because I have a couple thousand followers and they have a couple hundred. And then I have others who won’t even try to follow me back.  I don’t follow to unfollow. SURE, if I follow you and you don’t follow me back, I will PROBABLY unfollow, not because I don’t like your account, but because I follow so many people already, who are following me back that I’d like to concentrate on THOSE accounts, especially since the algorithm is so screwy. But no, I do NOT follow people just to unfollow them. That is an asshole move.

New Accounts with 0 or 1 Picture/s – I like to see where an account is going to go before I follow them back [in case of the stealing thing, or in case they just posted one book photo but don’t plan on keeping a book account]. So if they post 3, 4 photos and they are all pretty similar, as in bookish…..neat, whatever….I will probably follow them then. I love helping new accounts, [BUT, I don’t necessarily like being singled out and asked to give a shoutout. just in case anyone was wondering].

Candid Photo accounts – I know we are all here for the books, but it literally hurts my eyes when someone makes a habit of posting photos that aren’t necessarily candid shots, but they are blurry  closeups and in terrible lighting. I’ll leave it at, I don’t follow account whose photos I don’t really care for.

I think that might be it for that….WOW, does that list make me seem snobby, or what. I AM REALLY NOT! I’d like to say I am a really nice person. I am just trying to be honest here.

I’ve had people who randomly unfollow me…LONG TIME followers, people who just followed me the day before….no reason coming to mind…no nothing. SO, I thought along with my “why I probably won’t follow you” list, I’d post a list of why I might possibly UNfollow you. Not in any particular order, but the BIG reason, of course being:

You posted a spoiler – I’ve ranted about this numerous times. I’ve asked people nicely, I’ve asked people NOT so nicely, to remove them. I’ve been attacked for pointing out spoiling others sucks…I don’t like seeing spoilers, I don’t even care if its a book I’ve read. You will ALWAYS spoil a book for SOMEONE, even if “everyone” has read it. So yes, post a spoiler, get unfollowed….maybe get a message from me, but definitely an unfollow.

You stopped posting bookish photos – If you were a total book account when I followed you, and then one day you decided to post a non bookish photo here, a non bookish photo there….chances are I won’t mind….but if one day you decided “oh, I don’t want to do book photos anymore” I will most likely unfollow you [see reason 4 for why I won’t follow back].

You posted shoutout sessions that lasted for days EVERY week – Shout outs are great, I love finding new accounts…and I can understand when you can’t get past a certain number and you want to throw a session or two to get past it, that is totally fine, and I support that. But if you’re making it a habit, and your only goal is to see your followers number go out, it gets kind of tiresome to see, and it sucks getting my feed cluttered up with you shouting out the same people every other day. Chances are I PROBABLY won’t unfollow….but I will definitely think about it.

You said hateful things to/about someone – I don’t tolerate bullies. One bit. I try to give people a second chance, but there comes a time where you’re making it a habit, and I don’t want to deal with the drama anymore.

You entered giveaway/rep after giveaway/rep – and it came to the point where you posted…lets say 10 of these for every one book photo you posted. After a while, people wonder if….maybe you aren’t just entering to enter, and not because you ACTUALLY want anything to do with the prize/representation. Again, not something I go out of my way to unfollow, BUT it has crossed my mind.

You keep tagging me in above giveaways – I do not enter into giveaways. They are not my thing. So I don’t want to be tagged in them. I hate being tagged in them, and after someone does it a certain amount of time, I DO block them. LATELY I’ve been more lenient about it, and actually messaging people directly instead of adding it into photo captions….but if it happens after that, I definitely block.

Inactive accounts – If you haven’t been online…and its been like 4 or 5 months since you last posted, I will probably unfollow you. If you give me the chance when you come back, I will definitely refollow, but I don’t see the point in following inactive accounts.

Constant name changes – changing your name once…fine, just let everyone know what you changed it to, please! I hate looking at an account I’m following and having no idea who they are. People who constantly want to change their name [example: 4 name changes in the 2 months I’ve been following you…] are kind of irriating, and instead of trying to remember who it is, I’ll probably just unfollow.

If you unfollow me – obviously if you unfollow me, I see no reason to keep following you.

I am sure there are other reasons…..BUUUUUUT, I need to get upstairs for dinner. Is this bitchy? I really don’t mean it to be. Its more…informative. I’d love to know the reasons you might not follow, or might unfollow someone!!!

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