To Finish, Or Not To Finish…

Back when I started getting into reading, before I started a goodreads account, before bookstagram, and most certainly before this blog….I didn’t understand what DNF meant. I had never not finished a book, and I didn’t understand how someone could rate something they hadn’t finished.

I understand now. And as much as I hate actually putting down a book for good…I do it quite a bit…

I used to think “oh, it’ll get better”. That is not always the case, though, is it? It isn’t that these books are bad. Someone will always like a book, even if it is of an unpopular opinion. A great book to someone, will be the worst book someone else ever read. The question isn’t “is this truly a badly written book”. Though, the answer most certainly is “This is just not the book for me”. I don’t believe in going out of my way to tell someone “oh, I hated that book.”, or “oh, that is the worst book ever, don’t read it”. And honestly? Shame on anyone who does this. You may not have liked a book, but plenty of other people did. Please do not throw your negative opinion on someone who is excited to read a book simply because you did not like it. If someone goes into a book with negativity surrounding it, chances are they will not like it. This has happened to me countless times. And sometimes, I’ve ignored the bad things said, and HAVE ABSOLUTELY loved that book. Don’t take an opinion of someone and make it your own. You will love a book someone else hates, and you will hate a book someone else loves….don’t you want to form that opinion on your own?

And NOT talking about anyone specific, but I’ve seen it enough times to be slightly annoyed by it. It is kind what I said above, but the opposite. I do not like seeing people asking how a book is, or if they should read it……because you will hear that it is good, and you will hear that it is bad. Again, don’t you want to form your own opinion?

SO, all of that being said….I have officially DNF’d my first book for 2017. Paper Princess…is not for me. It may be for you, it was just not what I was looking for at this specific moment in time. Was it bad? no, not at all. It had potential, but I just didn’t want to see it through. I won’t go too much into it, but if anyone who has read it wants to talk about it, message me and we can chat.

Now that I’ve finished with this book, I needed a new kindle book to accompany my hard copy reading of Crooked Kingdom. I chose Queen of the Tearling. I’ve heard both good and bad things, so I am excited to dive in and see for myself what its all about. Speaking of CK, I have accomplished my first weekly goal of finishing Six of Crows. Yay me! I managed to get through part one of Crooked Kingdom before I had to go pass out… 3 am this morning. Hoping to at least get through part 2 tonight, maybe even further. I probably won’t ever get back to my “I read 2 books in a day” reading lifestyle, but I do hope to not take weeks on a single book.

I am going to make a point to always  link my Reading Challenge into my posts, just so people don’t need to go searching for it. You can find the “#TACKLEYOURLIBRARYCHALLENGE17” reading challenge Lauren and I put together
Here: 2017 Reading Challenge

Please, definitely go check it out! and I’ve seen a few people write their own posts about this challenge for their own blog, this is totally okay! I am glad the word is getting out, but please always link back to this blog. I won’t say I worked SUPER hard on putting it together, it isn’t my life’s accomplishment, but a lot of thinking and planning did go into it, so please give credit where it is due.

Well, I think this is enough for tonight! It is family dinner night, so I should probably be upstairs helping with that. I will be finishing up my February photo challenge tonight, so hopefully I will have that to post tomorrow.


Currently Reading:
Crooked Kingdom [69/536]
The Queen of the Tearling [20/629]

Current Song:
Coeur D’alene [AlterBridge]
“I look into the mirror – I don’t know who I am. A life so torn apart.
I still long for the simple – I’m just a common man. Yeah, with this aching heart”


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