February Photo Challenge

*edited to include artist names for song titles*

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post, but I have the time to write now, so I should probably do it now, while I can.

February’s challenge is going to be different from the December challenge I did. I decided to go with SONG TITLES. I will probably post just the song titles on the IG posting later in the week. People can interpret them as they see fit but down below you will find MY interpretation for them, to get an idea of what I will be doing for my photos.

I DO ASK, that when you do the “character specific” ones that could be spoilers, that you don’t say who/what happens in your post. Just using the book is good enough, I’d really hate to be spoiled for books because of this. And just a reminder, I do unfollow people on IG that post spoilers….so on the off chance that you do post something really spoiler-y, just be aware of that fun little fact. 🙂

If you want me to tag you in the IG posting once its up, please comment below with your IG username. And if you write about this in your own blog, please be considerate and link it back to this posting. Thanks everyone! ENJOY!


FEB 1: QUOTE [Evans Blue]
A handwritten quote from the book you are currently reading.

FEB 2: LOVE DON’T DIE EASY [Charlie Worsham]
A character that sacrifices themselves or something for someone they love.

FEB 3: TICKET TO RIDE [The Carpenters]
Any mode transportation from any book that you would love to try for yourself

A character that never gave up, or beat the odds.

Any supernatural, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction book. A book that couldn’t possibly be considered “real life”.

A book that broke your heart.

FEB 7: ALL I WANTED [Paramore]
A finale for a book or series that was everything you could have asked for.

FEB 8: HEATHENS [Twenty One Pilots]
A book that features a band of misfits

an authors only book, or a standalone.

FEB 10: ONE HUNDRED YEARS [Five For Fighting]
a book that is set in the past or the future.

FEB 11: IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND [Gordon Lightfoot]
A book where a character has an ability of some kind.

FEB 12: EVERY SUNDAY [Smile Empty Soul]
#socksunday and current read.

FEB 13: WHITE LIAR [Miranda Lambert]
A character that keeps a secret.

FEB 14: LOVE LETTER [Leona Lewis]
Happy Valentines Day! Main character who sends or receives a ‘love’ letter, text, email or message of some kind.

FEB 15: POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME [Rock of Ages soundtrack]
Book and sweets

FEB 16: WILDEST DREAMS [Taylor Swift]
A story line you’d love to be part.

FEB 17: DEMONS [Imagine Dragons]
A book with monsters

FEB 18: STRESSED OUT [Twenty One Pilots]
Book and blanket

FEB 19: OCEAN [Cold]
A book that takes place at/in the ocean, or any body of water.

FEB 20: MASQUERADE [The Carpenters]
A cover that shows only half a face

FEB 21: DISCONNECT [Kristinia Debarge]
A series you loved, but then lost interest in.

FEB 22: BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL [Labrinth & Emeli Sande]
#ditchthatjacket essentially. Show off your most beautiful ‘naked’ book.

FEB 23: WANT U BACK [Cher Lloyd]
An ex who tries to get the main character back

FEB 24: US AGAINST THE WORLD [Christina Milian]
A book with the “save the world/everyone is out to get us” story line

FEB 25: SOUND OF SILENCE [Disturbed]
A book with an unexpected death

FEB 26: POSSESSION LESS [Delta Goodrem]
A main character that has very little, or loses all their possessions.

Enemies that come together for a common cause.

The last book in a series.

Annnnd, thats that. AND HEY, I actually got all the days this time. I thought maybe my first one was just a little bit too simple, so I hope this is a little harder, and hopefully everyone enjoys it.

Like I said above, please be considerate when you go about your wording for posts. I know days like “25” can give away a lot, so please just show off the book, and leave those wondering what takes place.

I have a bunch more song titles, and I am always finding more to add, so I am hoping I will be able to do this at least every other month. Let me know what you think! And if for some reason you want to know artists for any of these songs, let me know.

AND ALSO, I said I’d start linking it, so here is the link for Laurens and my #TACKLEYOURLIBRARYCHALLENGE17 —> 2017 Reading Challenge

That is all for now! Now, to go figure out what I am using for the background for the IG version….and then to get some more reading done! Thanks everyone, have a wonderful [insert time of day here].


Currently Reading:
Crooked Kingdom [69/536]
The Queen of the Tearling [20/629]

Current Song:
Only Yesterday [The Carpenters]
“I have found my home here in your arms.
Nowhere else on earth I’d really rather be – Life waits for us, share it with me
The best is about to be – So much is left for us to see”



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  3. So I dunno why but I was just either reading the day’s meaning on your Instagram or coming here and reading that particular day’s meaning and posting it. For some reason, I didn’t read anything ahead of the day until and then I got to the ending and actually saw that you’re not suppose to mention the description of it which I kind of was doing so sorry for ruining your challenge a bit, won’t do it again lol. Lazy me! I hadn’t even realised the quote was handwritten and not just quote but I had already clicked the picture and I loved it so much that I decided to post it anyway. The reason I am commenting about this is because I wanted to let you know that I wasn’t being inconsiderate or ignorant, well maybe a little ignorant cause I was being lazy to read everything. I am saying that by giving you so much to READ by writing this comment!
    ~Priyanka @ A Booklion’s Hideaway


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