Back in the Saddle?

What a horrible example…..but I couldn’t think of anything else.

If anyone was following me on GoodReads…say, two years ago, you will remember that 2015 was a major reading year for me. Although happy with my reading in 2016, I was really sad when I just could not get into anything I read. I DNF’d countless books, I barely got through just as many….2016 was my year personally, but definitely not so much reading wise.

It is the now [barely], the 10th day of 2017, and I have already finished 3 books! I am actually incredibly proud of myself. I hope this keeps up, I really do. I’ve missed reading a lot, it was definitely my way of not feeling so lonely all the time. NOT that I can be lonely anymore. With my girlfriends all living in different states, and with my husband working a lot…I used to be lonely, but now I have an almost 5 month old who keeps me far from lonely. IT IS incredibly nice to be reading again though. I feel like it has been way too long, and *fingers crossed* I would really like to keep it up!

After having finished Illuminae [reread] during week one, and finished Front Lines early on yesterday, and having just finished the MINDFU** that is Gemina about an hour ago…I think I am going to jump right into SIX OF CROWS. Which, if you read our earlier blog post, is the first book in mine and Lauren’s reading challenge.

Challenge One: Series You Meant To Start In 2016

Previously, I have written 2 blog posts, one being books I own that I want to read, which Lauren was awesome enough to incorporate some of those books into our reading challenge. Another list, posted last night, I believe, are my annual rereads.

Tomorrow I will be continuing on in my 2017 Reads run down. I have a bulletin board, and on that bulletin board are my calendar, cut up colored index cards

and a few lists of books I want to read this year.

The cut up cards are :
Purple: rereads
Blue: kindle
Green: owned but unread
Yellow: 2017 buys [hoping to keep that at a minimum]

I haven’t finished yet, but I will be writing all the books I can think of and putting them on a card with the appropriate color. I will then tack them to the board and move them to the other side as I finish them. At the end of each month, I will gather the cards of that months reads and bind them together. I am hoping by the end of the year, there will be no more books on the one side of the board.

The lists I have going are just from a tiny pocket notebook with all the individual categories of books I want to read [i.e. owned but unread, kindle, annual rereads, 12 kindle books to read, 12 owned books to read, books i want to reread]. I am really hoping that by the end of the month I will have read at least one from each list. We shall see how that goes though. I might have bit off more than I can chew, but I guess that’s why its called a “challenge”. I can at least try and see how I do!

How are you organizing your reading this year? Or are you at all…? Other than a Goodreads challenge, are you doing any other reading challenges, are you doing ours?

All right, well its 1:30 AM, I want to try and get started on Six of Crows before I pass out….wish me luck. I’ve heard nothing but good things, but I tend to have the opposite opinion when it comes to overhyped books.


Currently Reading:
Six of Crows [1/462]

Current Song:
Rotten Inside [Earshot]



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