Things I Wish I Hadn’t Seen [Pt1]

This book is horrible! I don’t know why you all like it so much

My best friend sent me a screenshot of a book, that had this written over it in the Instastories – written by some user that actually unfollowed me some time ago….I was….frankly quite surprised by this. I’ve seen people tell someone not to read something, I’ve seen people tell someone all the reasons they shouldn’t read something…..but I don’t think I have ever seen someone….verbally attack people quite like this.

Just because you do not like a book….doesn’t mean that you should make it your purpose in life to get everyone and their mother to dislike something so much, that they won’t even try to read it. I have been a victim of this….and nothing pisses me off more. I have had so many books on my TBR that I have just been SO excited for……and the moment someone told me they hated it, or told me not to read it……that little glimmer of doubt appeared……and I either didn’t try reading it….or when I did, all I could think of was “wow, this isn’t going to be good” so….what do you think happened? I ended up DNF’ing it, or not quite enjoying it because, obviously, there was some reason that person didn’t like it. And then…there have been the books that I was told to hate, told to not read….AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM..

I get that people are allowed to have their opinions….but I, myself, choose to not write reviews on books that I do not like. I do not comment on pictures of books that I do not like. I hold my tongue when I see someone so excited for a book that I’ve read and didn’t enjoy….why? because its not my place to tell them not to read it. It is all on them to read it, and decide what they think of it for themselves. If they didn’t like it? well then I can tell them I didn’t either, and we can discuss it. Just because I know there will be negative reviews for books I am looking forward to, I avoid reading reviews all together now. Also, I hardly ever go on Goodreads anymore because people tend to be a little too opinionated, a little too hateful when it comes to books they didn’t like.

You should really try to not spoil books for others simply because you didn’t like them. You never know, it could possibly end up being their favorite book ever.


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  1. There’s totally been books that I didn’t finish, and seen other people rave about them, but I didn’t jump right in and say “Are you nuts? I hated that book!” I don’t understand why people feel the need to do that, opinions on books are so subjective, why can’t you just accept that something isn’t your kind of book and let it go?

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  2. Ha ha!!! asa book reviewer I suffer a lot with this. There are tonnes of books I never bought or read because people slated it on GR or their blogs.
    I always try to not sway other peoples view on a book they haven’t read. I’m always like, “well I read it, but read it first and then we can talk” or on my blog i totally dislike writing or giving negative reviews but I get your point.
    I also like that you talk about what everyone is thinking but not saying. Keep it up lady!!!!


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