Love To Hate It – More Like The Opposite.

So, we all want likes, we all want followers….If you say you don’t, chances are you aren’t fully being truthful.

I will not be naming names, just using as examples….of why I HATE, absolutely hate but also love shoutouts and instastories. I have zero problem with the people who use these tactics, I just don’t care for the actions of some users concerning these two things.

Lets start with SHOUTOUTS, shall we? I have no problem with shoutouts, I love giving people shoutouts all the time. Are you following me here and on IG and have less than 700 IG friends? let me know! I’ll add you into my Wednesday lineup. I have no problem receiving shoutouts either. We all, every one of us, have those times when we just cant quite get past a certain number of followers….and it drives you crazy, hovering around the same 3 or 4 numbers due to followings and unfollowings. So, you ask your friends for help, and you get some new followers….but so do they, so it works out, am I right?

WELL, lately, I don’t see people just host straight up shoutouts. Which is why I hardly ever take part in other peoples shoutouts anymore. Shoutouts work like this:

  • You post a shoutout session you’re hosting
  • People take part by taking a screen shot, or choosing a photo of yours
  • and any and all BOOK accounts get a shoutout in return.

I don’t see that anymore….What I see now is:

  • You post a shoutout session you’re hosting…
  • People take part by taking a screen shot, or choosing a photo of yours
  • and then they have to go like X amount of your photos
  • and then they MIGHT get a return shoutout by you.

That is not how it should work. If you do it, that’s cool. I mean no disrespect, I understand the pro’s of such a method, it DOES make sense in a way…I just would prefer to help out as equally as I got it.

Another shoutout thing I disdain….people who repeatedly throw shoutout sessions so they can get numbers….and ONLY for the soul purpose to gain numbers. I see accounts, every day that have Ks by their number of followers because they have SO MANY FOLLOWERS….and when you look at the amount of people they are following? its not even a fraction of what they have for followers. It’s ridiculous, and I won’t even apologize for voicing that in a rude manner. It is stupid, and rude, and I feel like its not what BG should be about.

Since when did it stop being about the books for people…? When did people start feeling like they took SUCH great book photos that they had a right to think they are high above the rest of us? When did it start being a popularity contest? like we are back in high school, and you’re at the cool table and everyone wants to be you, and you don’t even know their name? I think it should all be equal. No, don’t go follow back everyone that follows you, that would be a bigger hassle, I don’t even follow back everyone. I DO follow back those that are [full] books accounts though. The point is…I go and look at every single account that follows me…and if I like their photos, I follow them. I seriously have a feeling that those “big” accounts, the accounts everyone wants to be….I feel like they probably only care about the number going up, and that they don’t take the time to go look at accounts long enough to go follow them back.

[*sigh* long dramatic pause while I go get more coffee….]

OKAY, where was I? still with me, or did I scare you off? Like I said, I want to voice here, what I don’t want to take the time to voice on IG.

Whats next…….oh, right. INSTASTORIES. When they first started, I tried whatever I could to disable it because I thought it was stupid, and I wanted it to go away. Now? well, I still want that, but it does have its uses. Shoutouts are one. Some people seem to have an issue with stories being used for shoutouts, but I kind of like that. I find myself looking at most every shoutout I see on there. It leaves your feed less crowded for sure, another perk of it. I also like it because I can post my ‘candid’ photos on stories with a little saying, thats nice. I post a lot of those, when I am reading, or of my son….a nonbookish photo I might take and want to share….its handy for that, it really is.

What I don’t like seeing?

  • People bitching about how they don’t have enough likes on photos
  • People bitching about THEIR FOLLOWERS. I mean REALLY, why are you bitching TO your follows ABOUT them…? SERIOUSLY!? Where is the logic in that? I do not understand.
  • People posting “NEW POST” every time they post a picture. Not the worst thing I see, I think of it more of a minor annoyance, seeing it 50 times a day.
  • And the big one, that actually gets me to UNFOLLOW….Can you guess what it is? I bitch about it enough, that you should get it right the first time….



The NUMBER ONE THING that will get me to unfollow you lightning fast: SPOILERS. Spoilers are NOT OKAY, but that is for another post.

I think…I think I’ve taken up enough space saying what I have already said. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully I didn’t upset you, dear reader.

Until next time!


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    • Thank you! I try to not intentionally piss people off, buuuuut…..I’m rather blunt sometimes. Good example, I was just called a racist because I called people out for shaming people into not reading a book (that they themselves hadn’t read), haha. I defend my actions. I say what I feel, no, I don’t mean to upset anyone, but I shouldn’t have to keep quiet šŸ™„

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am soooooo blunt too! I was once described as “definitely not a wallflower” by a board member at my previous employers. I am very new to this whole blogging / bookstagram thing and I have found some of the people with the Big accounts are rude when you look at the ratio of followers to following. I might be new but I think my photos look nice, sure I don’t have 10k+ followers but if you like what someone is putting out there give them a follow! There are some lovely accounts and people who seem great, but screw the rest.

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  1. It is hard when you are first starting out, I was almost put off by all the bigger accounts thinking what have I got to offer! But then I snapped myself out of it and rememberd that I just want to have fun and share the things I love. Yes I get excited when I have over 30 likes on a picture, and yes I was so amazed when I hit 300 followers, but I hope that just means they enjoy what Im doing.
    I agree that I dont like the shoutouts when not everyone gets it returned. That defeats the whole point in my opinion!


  2. HA! I found a way to comment on your blog yay! šŸ™‚

    So what I wanted to say was that this is a great post. I just started with BG and not sure I understand enough to get mad at shoutouts and tag yet. It seems I already infringed the code of conduct though LOL! I think I was tagged and “shoutouted” and I haven’t returned them yet [because still need to figure out what is it that I would be doing! LOL]

    SOOOO this is a good start! I least I know I still need to learn more BG so I don’t break rules šŸ™‚ I hope you keep posting about it.

    As far as your sidebar, you should be able to drag the widgets up and down the sidebar to reorganize them.

    Hopefully I’ll see all your social icons next time I visit so I can send you a GR friend request

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  3. Hey Ash….. woah! that was a lot you got off your chest there. I am kinda happy you did!!!!
    I agree when I first joined BG I did a few shoutouts but later found out that people would unfollow you immediately its done and yes everyone was just obsessed with numbers.And when did doing shoutouts become like a lottery thingy. Its like “Share my pic and I will randomly choose 10 accounts to shout out” If you want to do a shoutout just do it properly and help others move along.
    And don’t even get me started on the big accounts and like you I actually check out every account that follows me and also when new people join BG I actually follow them. To be honest I prefer to follow the smaller BG accounts to help them grow and get to know them.
    Love your comments about stories…… never used it and don’t know if I will. Actually seeing how you use it makes me think I could use it that was as well.

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