All The Stories Are True

Shadowhunters comes back tonight….which I was reminded of by this photo challenge that I am participating in over on IG. Anyone try to participate, or even make a photo challenge? I joined in on my first back in November…I think I joined in on three, actually….or was it four? For December I decided to make my own, and I had a ton of fun! Not a lot of people participated, but I was very happy with the results. Just like this, it was something I wanted to do for myself, and if anyone wanted to join in…well then it made it that much more fun!

Okay, back to the post. SHADOWHUNTERS IS BACK!!!! After falling in love with the TMI books over the years, and then falling even more in love with the “prequel” trilogy that is TID….and then there was that whole movie thing [well, that was awkward]….I was EXTREMELY hesitant about this show. Of course, if they are redoing something that was so awful….although lets be honest here, I saw the movie TWICE in theater, and own the DVD…Hey, don’t judge….if you totally separate it from the books it isn’t that awful – that, or I am just in complete denial. Anyway, if they are so willing to make it into a show after the movie, then they must have figured out what went to wrong with the movie and will fix that to make the show successful….

Nope, I got distracted and have now lost my train of thought. Lets just say after season one, I am still unsure what to think of the show. Will I be watching season two? with popcorn in hand! will I like it? that is unknown at this moment. It is really hard to watch something after reading the books and not judge what you know was changed. Are the changes bad? not always, but I do think there are a few creative differences with any “based off the book” production that may not have been for the best.

I am sure I will have more thoughts on the subject after watching it. If you’re unaware of how I love doing things…I LOVE spoiler free posts. I will never intentionally post spoilers of any book, show, movie…anything. So never fear for readers! I do however love talking about things, so if at any point you want to start a conversation on anything I am writing about, then feel free to MESSAGE me if you want to fangirl about spoilers. Spoiler free comments welcome also. 🙂

Well, back to the RL…today is a sad day, time to take down the Christmas tree.


[Post #3 is now complete, stayed tuned!]


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