First Blog Post Ever

Hey there, I am known as Ash Reads on Instagram [or as we readers like to call, Bookstagram]. I decided 2017 was going to be a year of change, and change there will be! I recently became more active – conversation wise – on bookstagram, and have gotten to know a lot of really awesome, – and not so awesome… – people on there. I decided to expand my horizon…..and reopen my Facebook page dedicated to books, that I hadn’t posted on in over a year. Once I did that though, I figured…why not just do what I’ve been putting off, and open a blog? it can’t be that hard, I’ve seen tons of people on BG open them, and since it seems to be a popular way to meet new people, or at least connect better with those you know of, but don’t quite know, then hey, why not just try it? the worst that can happen is I fail horribly 😉

So anyway, blog open, here I am! I am hoping this will allow me to be more myself. I am very sarcastic, I am very nice and fiercely loyal, sometimes I don’t think any of that really comes off as such over on BG. Goodreads is reviews for specific books…..IG is talking about the books in the pictures shown…..FB is just kind of dead….I really just wanted a place where I could talk about all things bookish. Whether that’s an opinion on a book or author [non spoiler], or reading habits, reading goals…etc, etc, I really just wanted a place where I could be more open, and not feel so confined to my surroundings.

Whether this is a hit, or whether this will be a glorified diary that only I care about reading, I am okay with that. Even if I am just writing stuff down to write it down, then that is what shall happen! BUUUUUT, on the off chance that a few people actually end up checking this out, THANK YOU. You are awesome, and I appreciate you.



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